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tips on hair care throughout the summer months

My Tips on Hair Care Throughout the Summer Months

Crazy humid summer weather can cause havoc for your hair. So I have put together my tips on hair care throughout the summer months. Especially if you have long thick hair.

This sticky hot weather we been having in the UK, are you having fun? Me, personally have had enough and ready for some slightly cooler temperature. It was not pleasant when we went to the Horniman Museum and Gardens last week. I spent the entire drowning in my own sweat (mm lovely!) and just ended looking like melted ice cream.

I’m not complaining, I promise you I wouldn’t do that. So moving on.

That day trip where I was just a real sweaty mess, cause havoc on my hair. Urgh, something about the heat just makes my hair look like Diana Ross. Not that I’m saying Diana Ross hair is bad.

But on me, it is bad! The heat just loves to fizz my hair up. Which also cause another problem, due to that I have long thick hair and it likes to get itself into a tangled mess. On a hot summer day, my hair generally looks like I have been running through a hedge backwards.

Does anyone else have this problem? Isn’t it just a nightmare? Well since that ‘Diana Ross hair disaster day’, I have been teaching myself a few hair tips on hair care throughout the summer months. And I thought I would pass them onto you, especially if you are like me and have long thick hair that just fizzed up in heat.

So without further ado. Here are my tips on hair care throughout the summer months.


An obvious tip, but I felt I should mention it anyway. In this heat (or any humid climate), don’t wear your hair down as it will make you warmer and also your hair sticky. Tie it up in a ponytail and that way you will cool down instantly by airing your neck and head.

Use Dry Shampoo:

Especially if your hair starts to fizz up. Smooth it down with dry shampoo. Plus, also if you don’t have time to wash your hair – it does help give you glossy hair and let you style it easier.

No Hairdryer:

I found a hairdryer in summer, make my hair all tangled and dry. So ditch the hairdryer for….

Air Dry Hair:

Some people might be against this idea, but I have always air dried my hair, especially in summer. While air drying, put the hair up in a towel to keep the airflow on your neck.

Use tepid/warm water for hair washing:

The last thing you want is a hot shower on a summer day. So to cool down, have a cool tepid/warm shower and wash your hair in that temperature. I find it makes my hair very smooth.

If air drying or no hair drying isn’t an option – then use a hairdryer brush:

Hairdryer brush is basically a hairdryer that doubles up as a hairbrush. So you can brush and dry your hair at the same time. It’s magic. Ok, it isn’t really. But it’s the best hair device since the invention of a hairdryer.

It isn’t very powerful but has enough heat to dry your hair and doesn’t leave it fizzy. In fact, it makes it look like I have used a straightener as I make my so smooth and shiny.

This is also nice to use if you’re short of time.

Wear a hat:

Another obvious tip, but your hair can get burnt – just as easily as your skin. To protect and to prevent burnt hair (trust me I have seen burnt hair, it isn’t pretty!), wear a hat.

Try sun cream shampoo:

A neat idea that I never really tried before, sun cream shampoo. These are the shampoo that has UV protection. Some criticism that they leave your hair greasy, but my advice is to perhaps at the end of the day use natural oils to help rinse out the grease.

Trim your hair:

Just a little hair cur to take the hair off your shoulder, or perhaps trim the hair into a style that will allow more air to flow through the hair.

Spray water on your hair (that also contain essential oils):

If spending the entire day outdoors, then the trick to keeping a spray water handy or near you is pretty obvious. Have another water spray and use this for your hair, but perhaps add a few drops of essentials oils. Find an essentials oils that will work for your hair.

Those were my tips on hair care throughout the summer month. Do you have any of your own tips to add? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (
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