My Summer Asos Wishlist 2020

Now it has been a while since I have done a summer Asos Wishlist, so I felt it was time for one.

It has been a while since I have done any Wishlist as I have been on a shopping ban for the past few years.

Yes, me the girl who put Rebecca Bloomwood to shame is on a shopping ban. It true as my wardrobe is just too full and there isn’t any space for anything else. It one of the reasons why I started my fashion series, Wardrobe Wear Wednesday to help me get some space and to help to know which items of clothes I should donate to a clothing charity.

Anyway, having a full wardrobe hasn’t stopped me lusting after a new summer one. The thing with being on lockdown and spending time at home, it does give you plenty of time looking on Asos and building up a summer Asos Wishlist.

I would share it with you:

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Do share your summer Asos Wishlist in the comment.

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Wardrobe Wear Wednesday Lindy Bop Pink City Swing Dress
My Summer Asos Wishlist 2020

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