Now the high streets are filled with nothing but gorgeous spring fashion, now I thought would be a good time to show my spring bohemian dream.

I kind of made a promise earlier this year, to wear more bohemian/ gipsy-influence fashion. I know it an unusual thing to promise oneself. But the thing is I have always loved the bohemian/ gipsy-influence fashion, what with it floaty dresses and embroidered tunics. How cannot one love that style of clothes?

Maybe I was influenced a little bit last time I went to Camden Market, or maybe what with my recent travel around Europe and kind of living the bohemian lifestyle; it has made me a little more hippie.

Either way, I promise 2018 I would be more bohemian and I would reflect it in my clothes.

Which is perfect timing as the high street stores are filled with gorgeous embroidered tunics and floaty dresses, giving spring fashion that bohemian vibe I have been looking for.

And one store recently that have caught my eyes was Zara. Their new spring fashion has exactly what I’ve been talking about.

When I recently went into my local Zara store, there’s a lovely collection of embroidered tunics/dresses which I feel was just waiting for me to discover.

I off course picked up one, and it was this lovely red embroidered dress with little fun pom poms on the front.

This dress is what I consider to be perfect for spring fashion. Even if you’re not into the whole bohemian fashion dream. It’s still fun to wear somewhere like Coachella or on a hot sunny spring day in the park with your friends.

I feel I finally was able to achieve my spring bohemian dream. Or at least get on the right road to it. I can only anticipate that there will be a lot more bohemian-influence fashion to come as we move into spring and then into summer. Personally, I’m all for it and I cannot wait to see more of my spring bohemian dream.

my spring bohemian dream
my spring bohemian dream
my spring bohemian dream
my spring bohemian dream
my spring bohemian dream

Wearing: Zara Stripped Dress With Pompoms

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My Spring Bohemian Dream

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