Since the beginning of the year, my mind has been all over the place. I cannot focus on anything right now. My scatty brain complex.

I am just scatty brain recently; my mind is just all over the place. I start to do something and then 10 seconds later I then go and do something else instead.

Give you an example of how scatty I have been recently, a couple of days go I put the frying pan in the fridge, and I nearly shoplifted my foods shopping. Whoops.  It also took me a couple of days to rings a plumber.

My mind seen to be whirling around trying to keep hold of something, but instead it just slips and then my mind goes onto the next things, and before you know it, my mind is soon enough filled with lots of little things just whirling around not going anywhere.

Even writing this, my mind seems to gravitate to going on YouTube watching cat’s videos. And even when watching cat’s videos, I then go on a different website or go off and do something else.

It has been like this with my blogging since the start of the year. I start work on something on the blog, then I get an idea for something and work on that instead, but then I give up 10 seconds later and decide to watch cats video instead or play a game on my phone.

At the start of the year I decided I want to change tactic with my blog a little. I want to make it more of an adventure photography experiences blog (And when I say adventure, I don’t mean doing any wild sports, or doing anything daring; Me, daring – can you imagine?!). I want to photographs new things, write about new experiences and share new places.

But at the moment it looks a little thin on that front. Just because I can’t decide what I want to do first, it’s my scatty brain complex, and I want to do everything, right here, right now.

I also seem to be really scatty with my Instagram as well, every time I go and take some photos – I then lose focus and decide to watch cat’s videos instead. As well as my blog, I have also decided to change tactic and decided to put more lifestyle photos on my Instagram profile. But me being the scatty brain just became, well scatty with my thoughts process.

I’m hoping this scatty brain complex will pass and eventually when it comes to February I will be more focus. I’m not sure right now if this scatty brain complex is linked to my new year anxiety.  January is not my favourites month; I’m sure I said this before. Right now all I can think about is cat’s videos and try to work through this scatty brain complex.