My policy on what i think on marketing writing offer…

I was going to write a lovely blog today on my enjoyable (and expensive) Sanctuary spa experience but I shall leave this for another day because I need to get this off my chest once and for all:

Here a familiar email I keep receiving lately:
Dear Editor
I ran across your site today while searching for pets related websites on Google. Your site is informative and a good resource and it prompted me to write to you.
May I send you a 400+ word, unique article to include on your site?
We’ll make sure it’s well-written, interesting, RELEVANT to what you typically talk about, and most importantly, 100% unique to your site. 
*silently scream*
First thing first, address me by my name, secondly also name my blog url and don’t make me laugh by saying you found me by googling something completely random which has nothing to do with this blog.
There a reason why I have decided to name this blog after my name, yes Anna Nuttall is the name of blog and also the name of this person writing on here.
I use this blog as 50% fun while the other 50% is about me promoting myself a freelance writer/blogger, I have this blog url on my CV so employee can discovered what I’m about.
Which bring me to the heart of my point:
Why on earth would I want you to write on this blog when I’m perfect able to write on here and it has my name all over it! I don’t want some bad SEO links rubbish talking about subjects that has nothing to do on what I write.
Now I will give you guys the benefits of doubt and I might consider this when I get my secret projects up and running so please contact me then (however don’t hold your breath) but please stop emailing me now on some BS rubbish and promise.
This is my blog and my rule, I hopefully write about subjects which my readers do enjoy reading and I write subjects that cater to what I’m good at – fashion and women lifestyle.
So next time you email, just to let you know It will go straight to the trash.
On the other hand, if you have done research on this blog and address me by my name and have products or brands that it worth mentioning, and I can write it myself. Then please contacts me and I be happy to work with you.

What do you think?

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My policy on what i think on marketing writing offer…

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