This is a small view of what I call ‘my old office’. This is where I’m currently working while writing on this blog . There my desk that has my computer, then there my stacks of magazine. All very untidy – sorry!

What your computer area like? Do you have your own computer room?

I feel I should also stress by saying, not all my junk is mine, a lot of it is my husband.

my old office


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  • Jessica Cangiano
    January 12, 2013

    Hi Anna, thank you very much for your lovely comment today and for letting me know that you discovered Chronically Vintage via Pinterest, it’s always delightful to know how new readers found there way to my blog.

    I have a laptop and use the sofa as my writing office more often than not. I have a studio/office in the basement, but writing while on the couch is easier on me from a health standpoint, so that’s where I type away at most of what I do online.

    Thanks again for your comment & have a great weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

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My Old Office Area

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