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Pancake Day at My Old Dutch Pancake House

by Anna Nuttall

Where is the best place to spend pancake day? Well at My Old Dutch pancake house, of course.

I was reading LDN Diaries, and Paula posted 10 places to celebrate to celebrate pancake day. And one the places she named was My Old Dutch pancake house.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought this is such a better idea than getting a cheapie pancake from the supermarket, which I usually do on pancake day.

So I basically texted my husband the article and ordered him that we’re going to My Old Dutch pancake house for – guess what – yup pancake. Truthfully it didn’t need much persuading as who would turn down pancake?

My Old Dutch pancake house, been the kind of place I have walked by a million times and keep telling myself I really need to try this out.

It basically a café dedicated to pancake. They do a mixture of sweet and savoury pancake.  They also do waffles and lots of other yummy foods. Basically it a dessert-eating heaven dream.

They do every single pancake flavouring imaginable. Everything from Nutella filled pancake – to even chilli con carne. It one of those places, where you just want to try out everything.

My Old Dutch pancake house, have three cafes around London: Holborn, Kensington and Chelsea. We opted to try out the Holborn branch.

We went for the sweet options, so I chose the butterscotch pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. And Richard went for a special one which was filled with Nutella and raspberries.

The best thing about these pancakes, they are American style. Not the flat crepes one we usually make when we at home. But the big, round and completely fluffy style. I can never do American style pancake, so it always a treat when I can have some.

Overall I can’t fault the pancakes at all, same with Richard. We both enjoyed our pancakes and felt like we overdosed on chocolate and sugar.

Yup, honestly that was a perfect way to spend Pancake day. But really, you can visit this at any time – not just on pancake day.

If you happened to be walking past My Old Dutch pancake house, and have an hour to kill – then go in and treat yourself. You won’t regret it.

Me, not one to turn down pancake – I have a feeling this place hasn’t seen the last of me.

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

My Old Dutch pancake house

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Melissa Blevins 27th February 2018 - 4:12 am

Ok so this might be the strangest comment you’ve ever gotten, but when I first read your blog title I read it as “Anna Nutshell”…like a play on words for “in a nutshell” lol

P.S. the pancakes look divine!

Anna Nuttall 27th February 2018 - 5:31 pm

Ha love it 🙂 xx


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