Blogging as a job is still a pretty new concept and something that not a lot of people understand. I thought today I would write about my experiences with blogging full time.

Whenever I tell people I blog full time and it is my job. Where it’s my main source of income and something that helps me pay my mortgage and for my crazy clothes spending. I get a lot of blank stares and then puzzled look on their faces, which usually follows by a bombardment of questions.

I also tend to get two kinds of response. Where the young cool kids, often go ‘aww, would love to do that’. To the older generation, who don’t understand it and think it something aliens and weird.
As it stands, blogging as a whole is still a new concept. To some, they never heard the word blog before. While with others who are familiar with it and understand what the word is, can’t get their head around that it is a job.

But it is a job and not just for me, but for many others across the world – it is a job where it pays the bills. There are others who also blog and it’s their main source of income. But still, their others who just refuse or cannot understand this concept.

I have a family member who think it so weird and strange that people would blog about their lives, as this person put it, ‘who would want to read it?’ My reply is, I would.
I have also been hit by comments from people by saying I shouldn’t share my photos online as other people wouldn’t find it interesting (seriously!). I just did a polite hmm and made a hasten exit.
People have even commented that I rarely do any work as I spend my days either at castles or walking around London. I even skive off working and instead be playing something on the PlayStation 4.

I have been blogging full-time now for 2 years and I like to think I can safely say it my job and one that I’m happy with. I also like to think throughout that time I have gained a few experiences points. So for those who shake their head in disbelief that I am indeed writing about my life online (and there a few who choose to read it) and sharing my photos online. Here are a few of my experiences with blogging full time.

Being my own boss.
I had a few awful boss in my time and it makes employment unpleasant and it just gets you down. The experiences with awful bosses are one of the reasons why I took up blogging full time and became self-employed. It made me ‘fearful’ of normal/traditional employment. I just decided one day that I would very much just like to be my own boss. Not answer to anyone, and just do what you feel is right.

I bumped into someone recently who I used to work with and the first question they asked me was. What does your boss think of your hair? I just smiled and said it was fine, as I have no boss to worry about – just me.

Being my own boss means I can pretty much do anything I want. I can choose when to go out, how long to stay in bed for, and whether I can go on holiday. I don’t have to worry about asking someone else for any of these things.

It not a 9-5.
People have this assumption that I generally work a 9-5 in my home office and then work like a traditional office worker. This isn’t the case. I generally work whenever I choose. If I decide to go out to do a food shop, then I might do that and then after doing some work. I sometime wake up late and just go straight to Netflix, and then work in the evening.
Having said that, blogging full time is a 24/7 occupation. While I do have down time, my brain is forever thinking about it. I’m always on my phone replying to Facebook messages, reading emails, editing photos and just doing some basic research for my next post.

If you think blogging full-time is a 9-5 job, think again.

I may have covered this very briefly but, blogging full time give me complete freedom. I don’t have to run out of the door at the crack of dawn, or crammed into a compact train. I can just do whatever I want. I can choose when to work. Having that freedom, lets me spontaneously take a trip to Oxford. Richard and I often just go out and have a meal at our favourites restaurants and then go for a walk. Our lunch hour, can indeed be a lunch afternoon.

Forever on my phone.
My phone is permanently stuck in my hand. I’m sure Richard can confirm this, I’m forever and always on my phone. I’m constantly checking emails, Pinterest and especially Instagram. My phone lets me work away from home. I don’t have to be at my desk, a coffee shop in a different part of London can be my office.

Another set of questions I seem to get from people is about money. I don’t like to talk about it too much on here. But the universe has a way to help you out and the money does come. Not all at once, mind you and maybe not for another year. But it comes. I have never been left out of pocket.

Those were my experiences with blogging full time. Mind you, I do have plenty more to say on this subject. To anyone else who is a full-time blogger, what are your personal experiences? What would you add?