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My Elixir to Eternal Youth

A comment that keep coming times and time again is, how do I look so young! Well I like to think I have the right formula for my elixir to eternal youth.

It sounds almost big headed of me saying by me saying I look so young. And I have no doubt you’re thinking to yourself, way to go with fluting your own horn Anna!

But it something that does get repeated to me times and time again, from people both online and offline. How the hell do I look so young?  Recently for example, if I post on Instagram or write an outfit blog post, I would get very sweet comments saying I look so young and how do I look so healthy?

It incredibly complimentary of people making such sweet remark, but it not just from people online, I do often get stranger saying I look so young. I like clarify, it no just some random comment from a stranger who decided to walk up to and randomly say I look so young. It often people I’m interacting with.

People seem to be shock I’m that in fact in 30s, when I get told I could easily pass for someone in her 20s. Which again is very sweet and it does make me smile.

So with that said, I like to think I do process the elixir to eternal youth. Or maybe just the fact I am really boring and don’t really process any magic formula at all, but just got lucky with gene.

For a starter, I’m short. I’m 4ft 10 and basically a squash jelly bean. I also still wear children shoes, yes I wear size 2 (UK size).

When I said I was boring, well – according to some I am. And quite frankly I don’t care.

In my youth, or at least when I turned 18 I never was into clubbing or even drinking. I tried to get into clubbing, thinking that what was expected of me – but truthfully I didn’t enjoy it. Which my friends’ thought was weird of me. I also wasn’t into alcohol either, ok sure I would drink Bacardi Breezer but I wasn’t one to be chucking it down. I would have one drink, then call it a night and drink lemonade for the rest of the night. My friends’ would make fun of me, but as I said in the past I just wasn’t a fan of having hangover and feeling like rubbish in the morning.

Eventually my friends’ would stop inviting me going out – which suited me as I would rather buy a new dress then spending my money on going out for the night. It something I learnt early on, as soon as I started having my own money, I realize it more fun and enjoyable to buy something then wasting it on one night.

As I was never into clubbing, I would prefer to instead spend my evening in – going to bed early. I should also say I’m quite lazy and often can’t be bother to go out; I’d prefer watching a dvd or perhaps spend my time surfing the net.

I soon met Richard and he was the same as me in retrospect where he didn’t like clubbing or getting completely drunk. He would prefer one drink and call it a night. He also prefers to spend the evening playing video games and goes to bed early.

I know someone will say, you were wasting your youth. But honestly I never saw it that way. As that just who I am. I’m a shy nerdy girl who has a shopping addiction.

As well as never going out or drinking much. The one thing I drink plenty of is water. Just plain h20. I think in my past life I was a fish.

I’m serious, I never like soda and if I was thirsty (which is pretty much all the time let me tell you) I would just have a glass of water. Once again – boring but I really didn’t like any other drink. Ok I was also pretty much addicted to milkshake – still am.

So I like to think a lifetime of drinking nothing but water has at least contributed to my youthfulness complexion. They do say water does help flush out the toxin and give a healthy glow.

I also never smoked and never done any shelf-harm.

I like to play it safe with life, I know my limit and I’m comfortable with that. If that my elixir to eternal youth, then good on me.

I also like to tease people when they complement me on my youthfulness that I’m 30 – going on 21. I’m still the same person I was when I was in my 20s, you don’t automatically change when you hit a certain figure.

In my 20s I was into travel, love fashion, have my hobbies and I was comfortable with that. I’m still all of those things now – it just who I am as a person.

I’m still young at heart, and I think I always will be. Even when I’m 100 and I’m still rocking to Bon Jovi.

Anyway I’m now rambling. What I’m saying is, whether I really do process some kind elixir to eternal youth or not is irrelevant as I finally leant to be comfortable with myself.

Another thing people has said to me, or it a saying I keep hearing times and times again is if your good on the inside – it will show on the outside.

A big thank you for all your kind comments by saying I look so young and youthfulness in photos. It does make me smile and I’m going to stop fluting my own horn now.

Who knows if people will be saying it, in the 10 years’ time?


Anna Nuttall

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


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