my Christmas cake

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t attempt to do a little bit of baking, so let me show you my Christmas cake.

If you are familiar to here, then you will know that:

  1. a) I’m the worst baker known to man and should be utterly ashamed with myself.
  2. b) I have had lots and lots of failed on here.
  3. c) I will never be on The Great British Bake off – ever.

So to summed up, yes basically if Alien came down and demanded me to bake them a cupcake to save Human-kind, all I can say is – God help us all.

I cannot bake, I do not persist the skills, no matter how much I try. And believe you me, if you are a long time reader here – I do like to keep trying.

With baking, I believe practice makes perfect and if at first, you don’t succeed – keep trying till you do.

So what that said, let me show you my Christmas cake, or what I’m dubbing it as a sponge pancake.

It kind of does look like a pancake, doesn’t it?

This was my first ever attempt to make a top quadruple layer cake. And I did pretty much alright.

I will admit, I didn’t have much of a plan, except to make a layer cake with plenty of icing and to decorate to make it look Christmassy.

As with a lot of my baking (and this could be where I keep going wrong), I tend to make it up as I go along. But there weren’t too many impromptus here.

I merely made the cake mixture and then pour it onto four different cake tin and then bake. Once it cooked, let it cool down and then start to layer it up with icing.

It was pretty simple, but the cake slices did turn out looking like pancakes. But Oh well, presentation isn’t everything, and fortunately, I don’t have Mary Berry judging me.

As long as the cake taste nice – then who cares what it looks like, and I can happily report it does taste pretty damn good.

So my Christmas cake wasn’t an epic fail – except on it pancake look – so does that I’m not the worst baker known to human; Well the jury still out on that one.

my Christmas cake
my Christmas cake
my Christmas cake
my Christmas cake