Some might call it superstition and loads of old rubbish, while someone like myself is convinced they do work and are able to heal you. My belief on the power of healing crystals and stones.

When I talk to some people about healing crystals & stones and why I believe they do actually work. I’m met with nervous giggles and rolling eyes. With the response, ‘sure they do Anna’.  It still surprises me that even as we near 2020 and we now well established in the 21st century, any new form of spirituality or any holistic approach is still met with cynical remarks and general negativity.

I’m not a religious person, but I am someone who has the decency to be courteous and respectful to someones belief. So why are people not giving me the same courtesy and respect? I wouldn’t dream of spewing hate for someone belief on a public forum, so why do people feel the need to do that to me?

Is it to do with the unknown and not something you get taught in at school, however throughout my time having religious education at school my teacher would tell us to have an open mind.  Even as I got older I always kept an open mind, and I’m pretty neutral about a lot of belief as I feel there isn’t really a right or wrong answer and whatever that person believes in – we should keep quiet and be respectful.

Recently I’ve been going down the spiritual holistic route and questioning what is going on in my universe. I think it all started when I went to my first spa, yeah laugh at me. But it was so tranquil, peaceful, relaxing and pure Zen that I went away feeling peaceful and cleanse. Now you know why I love spa!

Over time I expanded and went for a psychic reading. Now one reading that I had last year was amazing and so spooky. Like this woman who I never spoke to before, know things about me. Personal things. Really deep personal things. I went away from that meeting feeling like my whole life story have been told to me.

After the reading, I went and bought some tarot cards. Yes, I know, the kind of things that get hit with superstition nonsense and cynical remarks. But as I said earlier I have an open mind. I also feel that at a time the universe seems to have a message to me. Which is something I’m still working out?

Which does bring me to my original point; My belief on the power of healing crystals and stones.  Not so long ago I had someone who was a class A bitch. This person went all nasty at me and I felt powerless and utterly useless to stop it.  I was talking to my friend about this (who isn’t exactly out of the loop with this class A bitch, but not necessarily involved. Sorry that completely vague but don’t want to go to much into details) and how it was stressing me out.

She suggested that I buy some healing crystals & stones and keep them on me. I will admit even as I talk about being open-minded, I was always cynical about crystals and stones. I mean how can rocks from the ground heal me?

My friend just ordered me to buy some and to give it a try. I thought they no harm in trying and if it doesn’t work then I have some pretty stones on my desk.

So I bought some healing crystals and stones, spent a while at the shops reading all the descriptions and the meaning behind them. I got back home and placed a few in my bag and on my desk.

After I bought them I did feel protected by these crystals/stones and this class A bitch eventually went back to the shadow. So I’m not sure if it was the power of the crystals/stones that did it. I do know that there is one stone I picked up that absorb negative energy, so I like to think it did something for me.

My belief on the power of healing crystals and stones is that it does work, only if you are ready to accept it too. Since having these on me I feel protected and not affected by negative energy. Now any cynical person might say it a placebo effect and it all in the mind. But if something like this has been handed down by generation and generation, then there must be something in it?

One quick tip when you buy them, do wash them under a tap as it releases all the previous negativity and gives you nothing but clean energy.

What do you believe and what is your belief on healing crystals and stones? Do they really protect you and take away all the negativity?

My belief on the power of healing crystals and stones