My 5 Favourite Blogging Tools

For any bloggers, there are plenty of tools we couldn’t live without. So I thought I would share my 5 favourite blogging tools.

I was having a conversation with someone recently and I compared running my blog to a car, I know it a strange thing to compare a blog to a car. But hear me out.

For a car you need – well tools to get it to run smoothly, well a blog is the same concept. With a car, you need a battery, petrol, oil and more than anything an actual engine.

With a blog, ok so you don’t need a battery, petrol, oil and an engine. But you do tools to get it running smoothly. For example, you need a blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger (you can almost compare it to an engine of a car), you need graphics, plugins and texts.

Ok, someone going to argue with me that a car is a physical object – while a blog isn’t! You can’t physically touch a blog, can you? So why on earth do you need tools then?

And this is me getting back to my original point, comparing a car to a blog. Without any tools, neither one would work and it would all falls apart. What can go wrong with a car – is the same as a blog. Just because you can’t touch a blog, doesn’t mean it doesn’t fall apart. Because without tools – it does.

So I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite blogging tools, and I’m hoping it might give you a small insight on what tools are essential when running a blog.


I would be so lost without my cameras. Yes, I have more than one – but I do share them with my husband. I have a Canon 600d, and a 5d mark II. Each of these cameras takes amazing photos and I love using them. As I said in the past, I love going somewhere, taking photos and documenting it on here.

Stats counter:

This is a free stats counter that you sign up and use for free. It basically gives you an in-depth stats counter of your blog. Much more so then Google Analytic. It gives real-time view of when someone is on your site and what they clicked on, how long they are on your site and how they found your site. I find this so much more useful than Google Analytic.


What I’m calling the main engine of a blog. I have in the past tried Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr and yet I always find myself going back to WordPress. It just an all-round blogging platforms that does everything I need it to. I find it easy to use and I never had a problem with it.


I have been using Photoshop for nearly 15 years! It the ultimate photo editor and another thing I would be lost without it. It helps bring my photos my life, especially as I work in raw camera files and just love using the camera raw filter and the presets. Some might argue that Lightroom is better, it is – but for a simple, easy – no-nonsense editor to use.

Microsoft Words:

I need a text editor to actually write out the main texts of the blog. I did once upon a time use the actual main blog text box to write out a blog post, but it kept crashing – so I now use Microsoft Words. It does help me with my writing and you can add hyperlinks in easily. Plus, I can save the document and have it on my record, in case the blog ever goes down.

Those were my 5 favourite blogging tools; I pretty much use them every day. Do you have any blogging tools to add? What do you use?

My 5 Favourite Blogging Tools


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My 5 Favourite Blogging Tools

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