moving this site to HTTPS

This is a little note to say that over the next few days, business will be put on hold as I’m finally going to be moving this site to HTTPS.

So yeah, just as a head up. This might or might not go offline for a while. To be honest, I don’t think it will go completely offline, but in all honesty – I just don’t know. So giving you a head up. The big web god has reassured me nothing will go offline or will change (apart from having a ssl certificate and having https) so everything should be as normal.

There is also no need to buy a big box of tissue and drown your sorrow. I’m still here – just helping my site SEO and also making this site more secure.

I have written before on why you should move your site https. It has been on my mind for a while but been a little nervous on doing it. Which sound silly, but I’ve been worried on the actual implication of my site and worried that something could go wrong.

This https malarkey, I’m sure you have heard it mentioned. Especially as Google is so hot on the heel about having a secure site. You might have seen on some site: not secure. That is due to the fact that web browser now displayed the ‘not secure’ signature on any http site. I wouldn’t worry about it too much– if you see a ‘not secure’ signature – it just a new feature that are now on web browser.

But for me, I rather be safe than sorry. So hence why I’m finally moving this to HTTPS.

I also want to give this site SEO a boost and to help this little area of the web to grow. It isn’t much but it does mean the world to me, so anything I can do to help it – I will.

Overall this is a head up and for the next few days, business will be put on hold. But you can still talk to me on Twitter and on Facebook.