What do you get when it dates night with a twist? Well in our cases, it Monopoly date night.

Richard and I, we both promised ourselves that for one evening a week we would shut down our computer, turn off the phone and do something together that doesn’t involve looking at the screen.

That was how we ended up having Monopoly date night. An evening where we forget about technology and we spent some quality time together.

I love playing Monopoly, not the gimmick one you now see in the store. But the classic board game version. If anyone would ask me, what would be my favourite board game. I would choose Monopoly every time.

For some, and there are some – believe you me. Who will say that Monopoly is so boring and nothing really happens? But I like the slow paced of the game and how it builds up and build up and that when stuff really does happen. Sh!t get real if you know what I mean?

Everything these days is so faced paced and instant, Monopoly is something where you can take your time and go at your pace.

Anyway monopoly date night. It was my choice to play this game as I haven’t played it in ages and like I said, it’s a classic board game.

To make it more date night, we had some Cherry and lime cider. Which tasted and looked like bubblegum. We had music and we had nibbles. Overall a pretty good setting for a Monopoly date night, don’t’ you think?

Now I always get accused of cheating. Moi? As if I would do such a thing. Apparently, I like to put my hand into the bank. But honestly, I do not cheat. I have no idea where that thought comes from.

I’m not going to go through the entire narrative of the game, as it would take too long and it is boring to read. But we ended the night on a draw, now for the next Monopoly date night, it all depends on who will win the jack point that was building up nicely as we played.

I can honestly say that Monopoly date night was a lovely way to spend the evening with my hubby. I recommend you all have a Monopoly date night. Will you that been on your agenda this year?

Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night
Monopoly date night

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  • Priscilla Bettis
    January 28, 2018

    My husband doesn’t like board games, but we do have no-electronic walks and also reading time side-by-side. Looks like your Monopoly date night was fun!

    How is your book going? I’m curious because I started one about the same time. It’s tough! Mine’s a mess so far, but I do expect to have the first draft done in another couple of months.

  • Anna Nuttall
    January 28, 2018

    Hi Priscella. As for the book, planned the characters on the Sims which as you can imagine took up most of my time as I couldn’t make up my mind on how they should look.
    But apart from that, the process has been slow…partly due to me not having enough hours in the week to do everything, also partly that my computer is slow and running out of storage.
    I have jotted a few notes here and there and written the basic outline. But err apart from that, no much. I look forward to your book when you have finished. xx

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Monopoly Date Night

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