If you like a good story that sends chills down your spine. Then you might like to have a read of my The mist in The Mirror book review.

I wasn’t going to review this, as there is a much better book review here. Well that a good way to start off a book review, send you off to another page to read it. However, I wanted to get my own review out for this book and to tell you why you should give this a miss. Yes, you did read that right. Here’s why.

The mist in the mirror is more suited to be read around Halloween and that was around the time I did start to read this book, Halloween last year. But I think you can read a good ghost story at any time of the year. I only just recently finished the book. No, it didn’t take me 5 months to read it, it was one of that book that I kept putting down and having no desire to pick it up again.

Which is a shame as It wasn’t quite the same page-turner as Susan Hills’s other book: The woman in Black.

I read The Woman in Black at school and absolutely loved it. Have you ever been so scared that you would kind of tense and freezes, and don’t daren’t moved or breath? Have you ever felt like your heart leapt out of your chest? Well, that how it felt reading Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.

The first time I read it, I had a nightmare for about a week. That how powerful and captivating The Woman in Black book, is. Susan Hills is able to put you the readers right into the heart of the storyline, making you feel like you are there in the story, rather than just sitting somewhere reading it. She’s able to write something that will send a cold shiver down your spine and will leave you scared and haunted by the memory of what you just read.

And yes I do realize we’re here to review The Mist in the Mirror. But before we get onto that. I do want you all to pick up The women in Black book, as I think it will be a good introduction before you read The Mist in the Mirror.

The mist in the Mirror starts off a young explorer coming over to London from a worldwide expedition. His plan is to retire from exploring and to start investigating his hero, Conrad Vane. But soon enough he is haunted by a ghostly boy and bad omen at every step.

The whole synopsis pulled me in instantly, I was intrigued by it and was hoping to uncover the mystery that has been alluded.

Instantly as you start reading this, it has Susan Hills trademark writing. With every detail carefully written, as with The Woman in Black pulling you in and make you feel that you are right there in the story.

However, despite the detailed atmospheric writing, the book itself felt rushed and there is no real completion of the story. We get to the end of the book, but nothing is solved or explained.

Each page would set the tone and make you feel there is a real sense of urgency to solve the mystery. But yet, it doesn’t get solved and you wondered what you missed.

With the woman in Black book, the mystery was solved and it came to a perfect conclusion. But with The mist in the Mirror, it just makes you feel puzzled and confused with no real conclusion.

Before I started reading this, I have read that it feels like the author, Susan Hills couldn’t be bothered to tie up all the loose end. And now have read the book I do agree. We never got to fully understand what was so sinister about Conrad Vane, the pale boys and so on.

This is why is sadden me to say, give this book a missed. There are other better books she has written. Sadly, this is not one of her better books. The mist in the mirror is typically a Susan Hill’s book but it’s not one that you would want to read times and times again. There are better ghost mystery books available.


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