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Men’s sunglasses

by Anna Nuttall


If you asked men 100 years ago if they own a pair of sunglasses, very few would, while on the other hand they would point out that they own at least a few hats. Forward 100+ years and today sunglasses have largely taken the place of a man’s hat as an accessory. What’s so great about sunglasses apart from them offering protection for your eyes? Well, they are also a great way to add personal style to your outfit, and as with many accessories, there is no right or wrong way to wear them. You just have to remember that it’s often a case of whether sunglasses will protect you and make you look suave and cool, or they will protect your eyes but make you look like Top Gun wannabe jerk. There generally isn’t a middle ground.

As with many accessories, they stem from a very practical purpose and in the case of sunglasses, it is to protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays in sunlight. Regardless of whether they protect your eyes or not, sunglasses are a daily prescription that most people would wear when the sun UV is at its strongest especially in the summer season. Sunglasses can also be worn to shield against the glare of the sun during the winter months, as the sun reflecting off the snow during winter can be the most blinding of all.



The widespread appeal and critical acclaim of sunglasses by the masses was achieved in the 20th century. The trend really took off in America as Hollywood movie stars began to wear them in public to prevent fans from recognizing them. This trend from Hollywood increased the mass appeal, and around the world film buffs began to adopt the large framed sunglasses, and manufacturers like Sam Fosters began to produce them in bulk. Soon the use of sunglasses was no longer limited to people wanting to avoid straining their eyes.

From the trends of Hollywood stars wearing them to the present day where almost everyone has a pair, there is little doubting the status of sunglasses as a fashionable accessory, and one that every man and woman should flaunt proudly.

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ma-luxe 2nd July 2015 - 5:58 pm

Oh I do love a man that has a nice pair of sunnies.



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