I was going through my Instagram last week, and it made me smile as I looked back through the various photos I have taken over the years. Why I’m making memories with Instagram.

While some people like to read through the old written journal, I, on the other hand, enjoys looking at my old photos and seeing what I was doing on that day. I think I take a more visual approach when going through memory lane.

When I first started on Instagram, I did take a lot of selfie of myself and generally used it as a place to store phone photos.

It was only when I started to become more serious with photos and with photography, I stopped using Instagram as a selfie gallery and silly phone photos and used it as a photography gallery.

As I have said in the past, having a husband who is a photographer I, of course, picked up the skills and taught myself how to use a camera properly. I’m by no mean an expert and an I’m nowhere near as good as he is. But I like to think I can take a decent photo and I can be proud to show it off on Instagram.

Anyway, I was going through my Instagram last week, and it made me feel proud that I have a place where I can look back at my old memories and a place where I can go through memory lane at any time.

This does bring me to my point, and I’m not just rambling on my Instagram memories.

Life is a little busy for me for the moment, and I’m going part-time on the blog for a while. I will keep updating on here, and I still will be around.

But for the moment I’m going to try and be more active on Instagram and to be able to create new fresh memories.

I think for me, it isn’t just me wanting to create memory on Instagram, but for the time being, I will find it easier to blog over on my profile.

I know there all this talk – oh you shouldn’t rely on Instagram, and at any moment the platform will go down, and then you be fudge.

But honestly, I don’t see Instagram going anywhere and I always keep a back-up on everything I do.

So for the time being, I’m going to be making memories with Instagram so head over and follow my visual journey.


making memories with Instagram