A search termed I found myself Googling a few years ago when looking to blog full-time. It not as difficult as you think it will be. Here how to make money writing a blog.

It was at that point in my life when I had enough of my workplace and just wanted to leave. During the evening after work, while trying to soothe my poor achy feet, I would spend my time googling various search terms and trying to figure out how to make money writing a blog as that is what I wanted to do more than anything else.

Once I left my workplace, I really put my mind into working out the logistics and in actual fact it not as difficult as you may think.

As long as you are willing to give it a 110% and to be prepared to work morning to evening on it, then your dream will become a reality. I have a very much mind over matters stance to anything in life. I really do believe anything in life can be achieved, as long as you put the work in.

Anyway, I’m sure you are all here just to find out how to make money writing a blog. Before figuring out how to make money writing a blog, first, you have to figure out what kind of blog is it. What is your blog about? That the important first steps and something you need to figure out before trying to make any money from it. Write a plan on what your blog will be about, what topics you will cover and what angles you will take it.

Once you figured that out and has written some contents for it. Now you can work out how to make money writing a blog. Let me talk you through it:


This seems to be the first step for any newbies bloggers take. For me, I have found it the easiest way I have money through blogging. But it also not without it pitfall. I often compare this method, advertising to being on the stock market. As one minute you’re up – then the next you’re down. But it does give you freedom and helps to bring in some money while you are trying to build the blog.

The two biggest advertising programs are:

Google Adsense and Mediavine

With Google Adsense, you can sign up using your own Google account. It does take a little while to be approved and they will be running some checks on you. Just to make sure you and your blog aren’t dodgy. But you can place the banners where you like and you often do see some money coming in straight away. But for the payout its: the UK – £60 US – $100. Do bear that in mind.

Mediavine, I have never used this but everyone sings their praises and all the reviews I have read all seem to be positive. It not as easy as to sign up as you do need 25k sessions (not page views) to be approved. And you don’t have as much freedom for your banners placements.

There are others advertising programs, but be wary of a lot of them as they often turned out to be a scam. Please do a lot of research before signing up for any advertising programs.


Affiliate Marketing:

This is something where you do need to spend some time working on, this isn’t an overnight success but it does allow you to generate some passive income.

The first step if you wanting to learn about affiliate marketing is to sign up to Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I did this a few years ago and I’m so pleased I did. This the number one step to take to sign up, as this course will talk you through everything affiliate marketing. I have written a full review of Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I do highly recommend the course.

Once you conquer Michelle’s course, then you are ready to take on some Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are umbrella programs that host lots of different affiliate brands, and it covers pretty much any niche or area you yourself want to get into on your blog. It lets you be put directly in contact with the appropriate brands and tells you when special offers are on and let you put their banners on the blog.

The two biggest affiliate programs are: Awin and Shareasale

Awin is the UK’s largest affiliate marketing website, with 2,100 advertisers on their platform and supporting over 75,000 publishers, you can find everything you need to get started with Affiliate marketing. I have written 5 reasons to signed up to Awin, so have a read. Those do bear in mind that Awin mainly works with lots of UK brands, might not be so good if you are from the US.

ShareaSale is exactly the same as Awin but this works with a lot of US brands. I have written a review on ShareaSale.

There are brands that are not connected to affiliate programs, feel free to contact them and to ask if they do have their own affiliate programs.

Also be aware, often you won’t get paid unless someone makes a sale. It isn’t just enough for someone to click on the link.


Sponsored post:

This is when a particular brands or SEO company pay you to write about something or will ‘gift’ you a product that you will then write and links it to your blog. It a good place to start when you are just starting out and it can be a good way to earn some quick money.

Two good places to find sponsored post opportunity: Bloggers Required and UK Blogger Opportunities

There are pros and cons with a sponsored post like I said it a good way to earn money but you are often working on their deadline and can be a little tricky at time.


Those are the main way on how to make money writing a blog. There is others way but for myself, personally, I haven’t had much success. These three methods have enabled me to money writing a blog. Let me know if you are now rearing to go with this.


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