On a lazy Saturday morning, there is something quite comforting with lying in bed and having a good reads of magazines. Here are the magazines I read and subscribe to.

As I mentioned before, but I use to be such a magazine junkie. Where I would buy up to 20 magazines a week! I would travel up to central London to visit the Selfridge Whsmith, this was where I could buy loads of international magazine titles. I used to wake up early and walk down to my local newsagents and buy almost every single publication I could.

This addiction is what lead me to study Fashion Journalism at uni. I wanted to work in women’s magazines. But then I graduated and I realized my heart was more in online publishing, mainly blogging.

So yes, I do like my magazine reading. Who doesn’t? Its pure bliss sitting on sofa or lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning reading a magazine. It gives you space to have some me time I feel.

I still do read magazines and if I’m honest I still prefer print magazines to digital copy. I tried reading digital copy and it just took the fun out of it. There is something special with having something to hold onto while reading and looking at pictures.

I thought today I will show you some of the magazines I have been reading lately and has subscribe to. These magazine range from homemade cosmetic to wellbeing to blogs and finally to the simple things in life.  It’s quite a variety of reading material I think you will agree.

Anyway, let me show you the magazines I read:


magazines I read

I have already covered this magazine in a previous post, but I will briefly mention what this magazine is about. Blogosphere is basically a magazine for bloggers by bloggers. If you are serious about blogging and want to learn more about what is involved, then you need to pick this up. As this magazine is jammed-packed with information that will help you. For example, it recently has an article on how to do your taxes for your blog. This I found interesting as I always get confused with taxes – but then again who doesn’t?

I recently subscribed to this and I feel it worthwhile doing. The magazine comes out 4 time in a year and for £25 a year, each new issue will be delivered to your doorstep.

The simple Things

magazines I read

I discovered this magazine while one day looking at the magazines stands at my local WHSmith. I feel like with this magazine, they looked into the deep dark world of my brain and designed my perfect magazine. This has everything I love in a publication, beautiful photos, amazing recipes, quirky ideas and fun in-depth feature.

The Simple Things is published monthly and is all about taking time to live well.

This magazine is all about slowing down, enjoying what you have, making the most of where you live, enjoying the company of friends and family, and feeding them well. It’s all about how we like to grow some of our own vegetables, visit local markets, rummage for vintage finds, and decorate our home with the plunder. We love being outdoors and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

This is another magazine I’ve recently subscribed to. It comes out monthly and available at most WHSmith stores. To subscribe, its £44 a year.


magazines I read

I discovered this one day while browsing the magazines area at Sainsbury’s. This is another publication that seem to have looked into my brain and designed that perfect magazine for me. Breathe isn’t so much a beautiful photos magazine, this is very much a text based publication. But don’t let that put you off as it very well written and has tons of really interesting in-depth feature. If you are like me and trying to find a more well-being life, then I highly recommend reading this.

Some people breeze through life, rarely thrown off course no matter what hits them. Others flounder at every turn, weighed down by life’s challenges. Most are somewhere between the two, minds preoccupied with the minutiae of the everyday as they strive to meet the often conflicting demands of home, work, family and friends – leaving little room for personal reflection.

What if we all took a deep breath and dived into fresh pools of experiences – ones that might open up fresh ways of seeing the world?

I haven’t subscribed to this yet. You can find this at Sainsbury’s and WHSmith store. To subscribe, its £35 a year.

Willow & Sage

magazines I read

Another magazine I discovered while browsing Sainsbury’s. If you remembered, a week ago I wrote how I love anything to do with essential oils. Well this magazine shows you how to put those essential oils into practical usage. How useful is that? This has detailed explanation on how to make homemade scrubs, bath bombs and any other homemade cosmetic. It has beautiful photos and clear instructions. If you want to learn on how to make homemade cosmetic, then I do recommend you to pick up this magazine.

Willow and Sage magazine is filled with more than 70 unique recipes, uses, and beautiful packaging ideas for homemade bath and body products. In addition to showcasing natural bath salts and soaks, soaps, face masks, chemical-free makeup, lotions, sugar scrubs, how to use essential oils, and more, Willow and Sage features 144 pages of refreshing new layout designs, hand-illustrated tips, educational information such as eye-catching infographics, and the benefits of specific ingredients. If you’re looking for the perfect homemade gift idea for any occasion, each issue provides DIY inspiration for creative packaging and the most unique gifts and spa bundles.

Another magazine I haven’t subscribed to you. You can find this at Sainsbury’s. It a comes out quarterly (4x times a year) and to subscribe, its $49.99. Just as a note to say that I’m not sure if UK people can subscribe.

And that was my magazines I read and subscribe to. If you have any to add please do let me know.