From time to time, after a hard day. All we want is a head to toes luxurious pampering at home. Then you might like to try out these luxurious Rituals skincare products.

Last year I was given the Rituals of Dao box gift set, which I have to say – was just amazing to use. Even Richard got on the act and enjoyed using my Rituals of Dao products. They were luxurious and the ideal products to use when needing a little home pampering.

As I was so impressed by that gift set, I decided to try out their Rituals Advent Calendar.  Which also didn’t disappoint. The calendar contained 24 doors of Rituals products that will keep me going all year round. I found the calendar ideal to try out new and different Rituals products.

Which bring me to my point today. I’m back reviewing more Rituals products. As I said last year (and you probably already figured out by now!), I am obsessed with this brand. Love the philosophy, love how it take eastern influence with each products.  Love how each products is so quality made.

Anyway, let me show you these luxurious Rituals skincare products which I have been using – and just been adore using them. There are from the Advent Calendar from last year.

luxurious Rituals skincare products

They are:

  • The Rituals of Sakura softening rice scrub
  • The Rituals of Sakura magic touch body cream
  • Rituals Miracle Wipes
  • Rituals Christmas Crystal

I think you’ll agree with me, that these are the ultimate luxurious Rituals skincare products.  Something you can use when you want home pampering after a heard day.

Let me tell you how I got on:

The Rituals of Sakura softening rice scrub

Just to note, the version I have was a special one made for the Advent Calendar. When I tried Rituals of Dao scrub, I was immediately impressed with it and loved how it made my skin instant soft. So I was hoping for good result with this rice scrub. And it didn’t disappoint. It a little different to the Rituals of Dao scrub, as this has little rice in it. Yeah sound strange but it works so well. A rougher texture when put on skin but it will make it super soft. Love using this in shower. You don’t really notice the little rice bits when it lathers up. The smile isn’t over powering either. It a soft gentle smell that make you think of cherry tree blossom. A nice scrub to use when needing TLC.

The Rituals of Sakura magic touch body cream

I tend to use this after using the scrub and having my shower. Another product that has rice in it. But you don’t notice it when applying it on skin. The first thing you do notice is the smell. Slightly stronger and has a perfume scent, but personally I quite like the smell and it doesn’t linger for long. This body cream instantly sinks into the skin and made it so soft and smooth. To the point where you are just stroking your skin. This is good to use when your skin is having a bad dry spat.

Rituals Miracle Wipes

These wipes contained organic aloe vera & lotus flower. Now some people might be hesitating with using facial wipes. But I never had a problem with them and I think they do help my skin. These wipes do have a strong scent of the aloe vera, but after a while you don’t really notice it. These are supposed to gently removed make-up, but I just use it to freshen up my face. Made my skin brighter and seem to have removed all the grim that was on the top layer of my pores.

Rituals Christmas Crystal

These were specially designed for the Advent Calendar so were only limited edition. They are bath crystal. I hasn’t actually used these in the bath, I instead got a bowl and dissolved those crystals in water. I then washed myself with it. This method does work – especially if you’re not a fan of bath.  I can’t really say if this made my skin soft or smooth. But I do know from past experiences that bath crystals do work well.

Luxurious Rituals Skincare Products

That was my luxurious Rituals skincare products review. Let me know if you will be trying any of these out.