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A few week ago I went to my favorite shop in the entire world! Lush Cosmetic – anyone who knows me will know I’m a self-proclaimed lush-aholic, the amount off time I rumble on about their products is enough for someone to tell me to shut up or at least offer me a job! I think the reason why I love their products and it my favorite shop, a combination of friendly staff and brilliant products. I don’t think I ever had a reaction to using the various soap, moisturizer and bath bombs, I know it not the same for everyone but the cosmetic really does work for my skin, if I’m having a bad skin day – using something like Angel on Bare Skin will work wonder or my feet are killing me – using Fair Trade Foot Lotion is a heaven sent.

Anyway I went overboard and topped up on new seasonal products and my favorites which I can’t live without. These are in orders but here a quick run-down on what I brought.

Magic Wand. A star shape on top off a stick, the idea of this is to swirl it around your bath to make it all bubbly and smelling completely off candy and sweets. This is suppose to last you up to 5-10 baths.

Karma. A bath melt that will dissolve under water, this smell a combination off citrus fruits such as orange/clementine/satsuma which make a interesting mixture.

Think Pink. A pink bath bomb with little flowers on top. Crumble this under a running tap and smell of candy and sweet, great to use when your legs in really dry and itchy.

Fun. This is basically play-doh for bath (or shower) time, you can get these in a combination of colours and smell, so this time I picked up a yellow which smell of lemon. The only problem is it can temporarily stain your bath surface. Basically great fun when in the bath.

Creamy Candy Bath. Another bath melt and also smell off candy and sweet. This is my favorite bath melt.

Angel Delight. I adore this smell, I will smell this all day. It smell off a combination off citrus and the candy smell all rolled in one – a brilliant soap and one I’m always using.

Shoot For The Stars. A bath bomb with an image of a shooting star, a seasonal product and one I hasn’t tried before. Ok the smell off this – it hard to describe so please bare with me, I think it smell off freshly clean laundry clothes or clothes when you get it out off a tumble dryer. Yes an odd description but it the only way I can think off how to describe it, tell me am I right?

Volcano. I will write an depth review on this in future but this sound really interesting. It a mask for you foot – the idea is that you suppose to cover your foot in this clay-like cream and then wrap in cling-film and live it for 10 minute. What this will do is to get rid off aching tired feet, dried hard skin and will leave it looking healthier. This doesn’t smell nice but don’t let this put you off – I can’t wait to try this.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion. A peppermint cream that brilliant to use when been on my feet all day, a refreshing peppermint cream which take all your aches away. I love this cream and so does my feet.

Snow Fairy. A bottle of pure pink beauty, this is Lush best-selling product and one they only ever bring out round christmas. It smell like you landed in a sweet/candy coma – like you step into a sweet shop. I love love this product and I buy this every single year.

So there we go – my Lush Seasonal Haul, have you tried any? Have it made you want to try it now?


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  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    November 6, 2013

    So many wonderful bath goodies – some of them are almost too pretty to use up :o). Xx

  • Lizzie Ford
    November 6, 2013

    oo wow so many lovely bath goodies! What a great haul, your house must smell amazing. I love the magic wand-I was overly excited the first time I used it and my bath went pink.I really want to try Fun, I hear you can use it as a shampoo bar too? Lovely post!!

    P.s UK giveaway on my blog atm incase you’d like a look!-

  • Noor Unnahar
    November 6, 2013

    Lush products are literally lush . I want me some , tooooo 🙂

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