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Lush Oxford Street Haul

by Anna Nuttall


Over the bank holiday I decided to see what all the fuss was about this Lush store in Oxford Street, well to be honest it wasn’t the fuss that made me go. It was the fact that as a self proclaimed unapologetic lush-aholic it was mandatory for me to visit, it was like an invisible force was pulling to me, a soft constantly in my ears calling my name ”come visit us”. Ok that is getting weird but the point was I could know longer put it off visiting and as a massive fan of Lush I had to visit it.

Imagine in your wildest dream what you would want your ideal Lush Store to be, now imagine that to be real! Oh yes folks 3 floors of nothing but amazing Lush goodies. I’m not just talking about all their usual Lush products, oh no. There was products specially designed for the Oxford street store, meaning you might not be able to get them anywhere else. Also there the Lush Spa (which is amazing!!) and a ‘fun’ play area. Also if you were a fan of the ‘B Never’ range, do not fear – they are here as well.

Anyway rather then do a thousand and one pictures of the products I brought, this time there a little video to show you. As always please be kind and a little patience with me as this whole video malarkey is still new to me. Also yes I know I sound nasally, that sadly can’t be helps. Anyway enjoy…

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lisaxbeauty 6th September 2015 - 7:18 am

Thanks for sharing your haul!

lisa | lisaxbeauty


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