Lush I love Juicy Shampoo & American Cream Conditioner Review

Lush Juicy Shampoo & American Cream Conditioner
Anyone who know me knows I am a self-proclaimed Lush-aholic, Its really the only cosmetic I use  excessively as it really does wonder for my skin and have never irritated me. Another reason why I love Lush so much is that it all natural ingredients can be found on the products.
No doubt this is the first of many reviews about Lush as I rap about them dailies to people, they seriously should employed me as there spoke person (*hint* Lush if you are read this please employ me as I would love to work with you amazing people).
Today I’m talking about two products which I have been using recently which it brilliant if you have build up grease in your hair and want to completely clean its away.
I love Lush Juicy Shampoo & American Cream Conditioner, these two have very strong unique smell to them, the shampoo smell like a giant fruit salad in the middle of the jungle, pineapple, papaya and kiwi all mixed together. The smell is not over powering so no worry if you can’t stand that kind of stench. While the American Cream smell like a vanilla cocktails in a 1950s American diner, this is a lovely smell if you like the smell of vanilla.
I find (and this is my own options here, and from testing against other products) using these two always give my hair back its shine after being weighted down with so much greasy and hair damage. I have very fine hair but yet when you clamped my hair together it feel really thick so my hair build up a lot of grease!
I only use these products sparely and use them every 6-month as it a little expensive to keep buying it.
So getting down to business, applied the shampoo twice and you do need to actually squeeze the bottle to get some out, it will come out like a brown goo – but don’t think about it and form your hair completely.
I always do two application as I was told once by a hairdresser that the first application simple remove all the dirt and grime while the second actually does the magic and make your hair all shiny and healthy, with this shampoo as it form up so easily and smell fruity you want to apply two outing as you can feel the shampoo doing wonder for your hair (maybe thats just me).
Once you finished with the shampoo, move over to the American Cream Conditioner, this is just the icing of the cake for me, squeeze the bottle as it a rather thick liquid and apply to hair and wash it all out. I only ever use this once, but its all depend on your hair type.
Blow dry you hair and wolia you hair will feel instantly shiny, healthy and have the old bounce back, I always find myself smelling my hair throughout the day as the American Cream Vanilla linger.
Tell me your thoughts and have you tried the products, do you like it?


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  • Sarah Henson
    January 2, 2013

    I just got both of these for Christmas and I love them! I agree with you, lots of shine and bounce 🙂 I decided I will save them and use them once a week as a treat to refresh my hair from my normal routine. Love your blog! xx

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