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Lulu Liu Fashion Show 2013

by Anna Nuttall
Hello, I’m a little (ok at lot ) behind on my post this week, i’ve been working on a design here so what do you think? I still need to work on the colour scheme but I used a template from Blogger candy so a big thanx there. I got plenty to write about so expect some new post in the next few day.
First up I was invited on Tuesday to attend the Lulu Liu Fashion 2013 show which I was really excited about. It was hosted at Freemasons’ Hall London and was part of London Fashion week.
Now I’m going to be honest here, I don’t really participate or take too much notice of London Fashion Week, I watch the catwalk show online or I trend to find a video on youtube but I don’t fall head over heels and get actively involved. I suppose I’m a little insecure and all I would need is someone to turn their nose up at me and making me look like something that has crawled from the damp street corner on Brick lane and that would be enough for me to get me really upset (trust me when I was studying fashion, I got a lot of that!). I prefer to enjoy fashion from a safe distance and then that way you also get the best view.
But when at time I do get invited, I’m not one to turn it down so I put on my best fashion suit and a brave face and enjoyed the show.
My skin look awful
Here my outfit of the day – do you dig it? Miss Selfridges Midi Skirt with Topshop cardi and red bodysuit.
Lulu Liu Fashion show was a romantic mixture of elegant evening wear, hand drawn print (drawn by the designer herself) on sheer ruffled shirt. The collection was inspired by clown costume where you had ruffled details on beige/black/white jacket and dress, the contrasting fur body warmer/jacket and fur pencil skirt certainly added a different mixture to the overall theme of the show.
I really liked the music that was played as it completely worked with the romantic elegant theme, have a listen here and you get the idea on what I’m talking about.
I took my camera so here a collage of the best pictures from the show, I post some links at the bottom that will show better examples of Lulu Liu winter collection.
So I had an enjoyable day and it was an experience which I really enjoyed.
Not long after I checked my Facebook apps on my phone and someone who I went to Uni with posted that she was at Somerset House (that where the main London Fashion Week show are held) covering a street fashion show so I thought why not go and see what’s going on!
Her friend organized a street catwalk show so here are some pictures:
I thought it was awesome, there then did a complete walk round london street which amazing to see everyone stopping to see what was going on, I couldn’t hang around too long but that was my Tuesday Fashion week experience.
So yeah tell me your thoughts in the comment box and have you had any good/bad fashion experience?


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A N D Y S T Y L E 21st February 2013 - 11:05 pm

hay ,you have a really nice blog.
follow back, if you like

Pippa Jones 22nd February 2013 - 1:39 am

Love the change up! Really lovely set out! Defiantly going to check her out, think i need a change on my blog too! The colour theme and that now looks lovely! 🙂

Pipp xx

Emily Anderst 22nd February 2013 - 5:38 am

Such an adorable outfit!


Maria Sself 24th February 2013 - 12:27 am

It looks like it was an amazing show, and I’m really glad you actually decided to go and then shared the experience with us! That’s what makes you an outstanding blogger, Anna♥♥♥


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