Today we going to talk about red hair – why? Because I’m obsessed right now! As I love the red hair look so much, now you might even argue with me that the red hair trend is so dead and I should get over it. But I won’t. Since I was young I always hated my natural hair colour – a rather dull brown that has no life to it.

So as soon as I started to earn money in my teen years (my mum before that wouldn’t let have or buy me dye in the house) I went out and dyed my hair, it was round that stage that I wanted lighter hair so I dyed it blonde. While it covers my dull brown hair it did made me look a complete washout, it didn’t really go so well with pale pasty complexion and had people calling me the ‘ghost girl’. It then I discovered the red hair look, not exactly a groundbreaking discovery you might think, but for me it was. As I got older and experimented with different shade to see what suit me the best – trust me I’ve been all kind of colours a real Rainbow Bright.

It was a light bulb moment in the sense that I finally found a colour which suited me and gave me a healthy glowing complexion. But as soon as I feel in love with red hair I was faced with a block in the sense of my workplace.

As some of you know, I worked in retail and my job had strict instruction that no dyed hair was allowed – yes seriously! It was in their word, not business minded. A woman who worked with me dyed her hair pink  – like bright pink! She was doing it in aid of cancer research, so a noble cause would surely bend the rule a little bit, right? The next thing I knew she was crying her eyes out over the facts she was on discipline and had to dyed it back to ‘more business-respectable’ colour to keep her job. I really felt for her.

So while I worked there I couldn’t dye my hair, well I still did when I was on holiday. Once a rebel always a rebel.

A year after I left I was all about the purple, a vibrant bright purple which shouldn’t be a surprise to people as purple is my favorite colour. My hair didn’t like it those and could never hold the colour properly. So I decided to give up and go back to my original long loving colour – red. And this is where I am right now.

My hair right now look terrible – urgh the dull brown root is looking even more lifeless than usual and the colour I had on it is fading and turn into a murky blonde. I need help! So the past month I have been oooohhh and ahhhh over red hair again. I need to colour as a matter of life or death  -ok not quite so extreme but still at it most important. I see every time I take a selfie or look in the mirror and I can hear every strand in my hair screaming at me ‘colour me, bring me back to life’.

So yes, this has turn into a rant about my hair but none the less I wanted to share you my big love for red hair. I now need to book a hairdresser appointment asap and a lie down.