When I get into work or get home after from being out all day one of the thing I love doing is making myself a Chai Latte drink. From the picture it might look like a frosty mess but in reality it a frosty heavenly bliss, I’m addicted to this drink and think it taste simple wonderful! People have been telling me for ages to try this drink – especially if you’re not a fan of traditional tea ( I prefer flavor fruit tea) as it has spices in it and taste like a warm milkshake. It’s a lovely drink to warm yourself up quickly and enough to satisfied that thirst you might have.  I tell everyone to try this now and often if I’m round someone house I bring a little sample with me so we can have a cuppa each. This is best to drink with milk rather than water as it frost up better and you don’t get any lumpy bits in.

So if you looking for a warm drink this winter then I do recommend Chai Latte – you be disappointed. I think I might pop to Costa and get myself some now.

What do you think?

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