We all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, who are we? Well, it a question I have been asking myself my whole life. So when I was able to find an answer – I of course jump to it. Here’s my Living DNA Review.

Who are you? And are you a who say you are? Strange questions to ask – but It something I always found myself asking. Who am I? I was convinced when I was a little girl that I was an alien, and my parents were my ‘earth’ parents, and my real folks are somewhere on a different planet.

I blame all the science fiction I would watch for me thinking that like that.  But seriously as I got older and found myself loving Mexican foods and Spanish songs – I was again convinced that in my past life I was a Spanish countess.

Now I think about it and write it out loud; I think it was a distraction to know that really, I wasn’t born to any Spanish relation or belong to any ET beings. That was all fantasy and silly nonesuch.  I’m just plain old boring me. Someone who really born to two English and Irish parents and have always lived in the UK.

My mum on her side of the family is Irish – while my dad is English. So technically that makes half Irish and English.

Now that as far as I knew my family heritage. But I have always been curious to know whether if I did indeed have any Spanish heritage or at least has branch out further then my Irish background.

This was where Living DNA comes in as this little tool can help my heritage curiosity and know whether if indeed am entirely Irish and British.

Let me explain Living DNA quickly so you are able to know how this can help me.

Living DNA brings you an ancestry DNA test that tells you the story of your past like never before. This test brings your history to life and provides over twice the detail of other ancestry tests. Discover where your ancestors come from and much more.

I was able to test this out free – so let me dig into my Living DNA review.

Living DNA

First thing first, you order a kit online which contained a DNA swab kit – this look at your DNA closely and determined your ancestry.

Yes, they measure your DNA. It an odd concept but I don’t need to tell you about genetic and how it all linked together.

Before taking a swab of your DNA, you need to activate your account on their website. Only do this once you have the kit as you will need an activation code.

Living DNA

Anyway, as I said, the kit contained a swab which looks like an earbud. An envelope as you will need to send the swab off to be tested on, the posting is free.

How do you measure your DNA with this swab? Well, it very simple and painless. With a clean, dry mouth, take the swab to the side of your mouth and brush across it quite firmly.

You might not think it – but your mouth is full of DNA particles. So getting a swab from your mouth is the best place.

Once you have the sample, put it in the containment and then into the envelope.

Post it off. The first part is straightforward, but this part is when all you can do is wait. This can take 3-5 weeks. If you have activated your account online, you will get an instant notification on when it is available.

After 3-5 weeks, that was when my results came in.

An email popped up telling me to log into my account on the Living DNA website.  My results looked like:

Living DNA

  • 6% Great Britain and Ireland
  • 4% Europe (north and west)
  • 7% Europe (south)

Overall no big surprise – As I was saying, on mother side it Irish while my dad is all British. The 14% of Europe wasn’t a big surprise either. For those who know English history, Viking from Nordic counties came to invade England; pardonably this is where a lot of English heritage started from.

So no, I don’t have any Spanish heritage. But that doesn’t stop me from loving Mexican/Spanish foods.

I found using Living DNA to be really interesting and while I had no real surprise in my results; It was still nice to know where my heritage came from originally.

Something you might need to realise with Living DNA: This does tell you about your ancestry – but not in the way in which it would tell you if your great uncle fights in WWII. This is about DNA and your actual heritage, not about your family history.

I have always wanted to try out a DNA test, and I’m thankful I finally was able to try this out. If you are curious about your heritage and if you are who you think you are. Then go ahead and try Living DNA. It might be after all be an eye opener, and you might find out a surprise.

Let me know if you do try out Living DNA.


(I was able to try this service for free. Thank you for Living DNA for letting me use this.)