I have a pretty serious pretty dress addiction, just ask my husband and he will tell you. When I shop online for clothes, I always go straight to the dress section and then make an imaginative wishlist of all the pretty dresses I want. It was only a matter of time before my obsession found its way on here as a new series called A Change of Dress, is my special place for all of the lovely dresses that I’ll find. I will be updating this every Saturday.



This is where I sort of break my own rule, but really it my blog my rule! The trouble is that I couldn’t pick just one – I had to mention them both. Looking at these Lindy Bop green Alpine print dresses, who in there right mind would want to only pick one? I know I wouldn’t, as it just love at first sight.

Lindy Bop dresses are a big favorite of my mine due to their swing dresses range which suit my rather small (but large if you get my meaning) apple figure. It hide the undesirable part while still give you that vintage glamour.

Let’s be honest these dresses are not only going to give you a vintage glamorous look but it’s also perfect to wear for Christmas due to the alpine winter theme print, I like to think of it as a very seasonal Christmas style whether it day or night.

The ‘Gilda’ Green Alpine Print Swing Dress is perfect for the office Christmas party as it a shirt style bodice with pleated skirt, see you can still look professional and seasonal.

The Renee Green Alpine Print Twin Set on the other hand is more for evening wear. This dress is sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline, what also make this more adorable it also comes with a little jacket.

It a tough decision on which one to prefer, can you pick it for me please as I really cannot choose.

£29.99 & £44.99