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Lindy Bop 1950s Butterfly Swing Dress

by Anna Nuttall

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I have heard so many many amazing things about the dresses from Lindy Bop that I was keen to find out for myself. When it comes to buying a dress for myself, its never an easy simple task. I’m short (4ft10) with a bramley apple figure, so imagine a short tubby gummy bean. So what that mean is that buying dresses that cling to your figure I can forget about it, dresses like cocktails dress or a strapless number that all about showing off your body are a big no no for me. Instead I tend to go for a dress that has not only an elastic waist (specially for when you over indulged) but also ones that has a big swinging skirt so plenty of room to hide my apple figure and to move around in without feeling self-conscious.

So when I saw this gorgeous ‘Holly’ 1950’s Inspired Blue Butterfly Swing Dress it was love at first sight. I recently been having a small obsession with 1950s swing dress due to the fact it will fit my rather difficult figure and also appealed to my love for all things retro. How can anyone say no?

I was like an impatient child at Christmas time waiting for the delivery of this, I was keen to know if this dress would fit. I’m 16 on the waist and hip but chest and shoulder I’m size 14 so it might be tight in one area while loose on another area.

The dress in fact fit me like a glove and yes it tight round by the waist/hip while loose on the chest and shoulder but I sort of expected that and it not too much of a problem, you can see the evidence of what I mean by this in some of the photos. It completely covered all the areas that I want to be covered, the dress give the illusion I’m slimmer then I am due to the big swinging skirt. Another plus the dress has sleeve, not so great while it summer (and the middle of a heatwave) but it will be really nice to wear during the colder months, I’m a big fan of dresses that has sleeve.

Overall I’m so pleased I brought this and it fitted me perfectly, now I can see why people rave about Lindy Bop.

The photos was taken at my parents house so some shot was snapped by my mum, others was me by a mirror with my camera. Taking photos of yourself is not an easy task, hence the rather vacant stare at the camera.

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