Have you ever wanted to do something, but worried about people judging you?

Are you currently choosing your GCSEs, A Levels, university or career and you want to do something that you don’t think your peers would agree with you on? Do you want take a year or two out and go travelling and explore? Are you bored of where you’re living and want a change? If the answer to any of this is yes then I’m talking to you…

It’s strange to think that aged 31 I become painfully aware of how selfish most people are, and how very short life is, but this isn’t just what I learnt in 2014, it something I’ve been aware off for too long.

But those who know me knows me as an eternal optimist, a believer in karma, and a need to find the good in every situation. I have an inbuilt refusal to let those kinds of situations bring me down.

And all of those traits have led me to realizing that caring lots about people is a fabulous trait to have as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of looking after number 1. You have to look after yourselves girls, both keeping yourself healthy and not letting other people upset you or use you. I can’t stress this enough, it’s so vital. You can’t let other people’s judgments and opinions shape your opportunities or experiences…

My mum would often say to me the only things you truly regret doing are the things you turn down, the only decisions you really regret are the ones that weren’t truly yours, and the only actions that you regret are the ones that weren’t made with self-respect and weren’t true to who you are.

Think about it, life is short, make sure you live it with conviction and with as many adventures as possible… (But don’t break the law… Obvs)

Here to the YOLO life!


(Amy, this post was for you!)

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