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Life is a balancing act

My apologies for lack of post, the past week has been eventful, there are time this week where I have literally crashed and burned myself. First I want to say a big Congrats to Stephanie for wining my Amazon giveaway! Wow that is all I can say when concerning the giveaway/contest. Thank you so much for following me through GFC and Bloglovin, I will eventually link back to all of your blog. Right now onto some sad news.

Last Week I miscarriage again, this is my second time and that will also explains why I hasn’t been on here. I am fine about, at first I was sad about it but in a way I’m kind of relieve as I wasn’t really ready mentally and physically (anyone who has or is pregnant know what I mean) and I want to be selfish and do all the things I want before I start again. I won’t ever give up!

Moving on, fingers crossed we might have brought a flat – our own property! We (my hubby and I) put down our deposit today and we’re waiting to hear if we have been approved! Its a 2 bedroom flat and right next to a train station (those luckily we picked a flat at the back where we won’t hear the trains) so handy for transport links. That why I’m relieve about the miscarriage as I couldn’t handle the move while pregnant.

The past week has left me a nervous wreck so much so I’m now ill and I’m currently freezing cold despite me  wearing my PJ’s, Onesie and drinking hot chocolate. I have now crashed and burned, been so stressed about getting this property and having a miscarriage, my body has now started to break down. Hopefully in a week time I’m going for a spa treatment and self-pampering which is what I need as I haven’t given myself time to rest and chill as stressed and body problems has taken hold.

I do hope life will get better soon. xx

I leave you with a recent picture of me with big fluffy static hair.

Anna Nuttall

Hello, it’s so lovely for you to join me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna Nuttall living in London and married to my husband, Richard. I worked in retail for ten years before I left and fulfilled my addiction to social media and blogging, where I’m now working as a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and also in digital marketing.


  • Inez

    Hey Anna, so sorry to hear you miscarried again. I hope you get better soon, good luck with your new flat, xoxo.

  • Jess

    i’m so sorry to hear what happened!! i hope you’re doing ok and you definitely deserve a massive pampering session. but don’t worry about sounding selfish…having a child is a massive commitment! i have a daughter who’s almost one and although i love her with all my being, she is hard work! you don’t get any time for yourself at all and your world literally revolves around the child. so if you weren’t ready and if you wanted to do other things first then that’s perfectly fine!

    congratulations on the flat though! that’s a great feeling…owning your own property! i hope everything goes well with it and have fun picking out all the furniture and decor! it’s the best part!

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