My apologies for lack of post, the past week has been eventful, there are time this week where I have literally crashed and burned myself. First I want to say a big Congrats to Stephanie for wining my Amazon giveaway! Wow that is all I can say when concerning the giveaway/contest. Thank you so much for following me through GFC and Bloglovin, I will eventually link back to all of your blog. Right now onto some sad news.

Last Week I miscarriage again, this is my second time and that will also explains why I hasn’t been on here. I am fine about, at first I was sad about it but in a way I’m kind of relieve as I wasn’t really ready mentally and physically (anyone who has or is pregnant know what I mean) and I want to be selfish and do all the things I want before I start again. I won’t ever give up!

Moving on, fingers crossed we might have brought a flat – our own property! We (my hubby and I) put down our deposit today and we’re waiting to hear if we have been approved! Its a 2 bedroom flat and right next to a train station (those luckily we picked a flat at the back where we won’t hear the trains) so handy for transport links. That why I’m relieve about the miscarriage as I couldn’t handle the move while pregnant.

The past week has left me a nervous wreck so much so I’m now ill and I’m currently freezing cold despite me  wearing my PJ’s, Onesie and drinking hot chocolate. I have now crashed and burned, been so stressed about getting this property and having a miscarriage, my body has now started to break down. Hopefully in a week time I’m going for a spa treatment and self-pampering which is what I need as I haven’t given myself time to rest and chill as stressed and body problems has taken hold.

I do hope life will get better soon. xx

I leave you with a recent picture of me with big fluffy static hair.