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Let get this show on the Road again..

by Anna Nuttall


Hello everyone, how are you all? I have decided to get this show on the road again and to start blogging, but if I’m honest I’m not sure on how long. I’m literally now on the very verge of moving places, we signed the contract for the new place, the mortgage is in place and we now waiting for everything to be finalized by the solicitors and hopefully next week we will pick up the keys and we will have a new place to call home. It going to take a while for me to have my internet back up and running and to have my life sorted but I’m hoping it won’t take too long.

Another big change is off course me switching to wordpress, to be honest I loved Blogger but I felt restricted by what it could do and I wanted to have my own domain. I have always preferred wordpress and i like the freedom you can do with it. Do you like my layout?

What have I been up to lately? To be honest – trying to find a proper solid job in my field and it has been pants! (pants as in rubbish) I’ve been trying to find online SEO marketing and online writing jobs as well as simple administration jobs and not a single person in the whole of the UK seem to care. I had phone called from employment agencies and career people saying they are impress with my CV and found a job vaccines that match what I can do and what I want to do, after the phone call as they would often call me on my mobile it would come up ‘blocked number’ I would never hear from them again!! I can’t call them back as they have blocked their number, all this does is make me really angry and sad. Seriously I’m a really good person who just want to pay her way in this world and no-one seem to want to help me, I would also send off jobs applications  In which I would never get a replied or usually ‘we will not be processing your application further’, a thank but no thank.  I’m starting to think going to uni was a waste of time! I have miserable the past few weeks and with the added stress of moving I haven’t been a happy person to be around. It make me think of this blog post ‘ putting my feet on the ladder of life ‘ and how the point I made still stands today. I’m hoping something will eventually happen to me, I’m going to put in a lot of energy into a few projects I got planned.

I’m suppose to be having miscarriage treatment but consultant has disappeared off the face off the earth! I can’t get hold off her. for those who have just tuned in, I had a dangerous miscarriage last year (20 wk pregnant and developed pre-eclampsia) so I had a referral from my GP to a miscarriage clinic to help me for future pregnancy but I’m having no such luck!

I do wake some morning the world is against me.

Anyway I have rumbled on enough so I have some pictures to share with you:


I dyed my hair permanently red. I love it!











Here in a selection of moving boxes we done already - still loads more to do.

Here in a selection of moving boxes we done already – still loads more to do.









I even packed away my teddys and toys! Sad time!

I even packed away my teddys and toys! Sad time!








I hope you have enjoyed this post so please follow me on bloglovin as I lost all followers when I did the transferred (I couldn’t update my RSS feed!).

How your summer going?


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1 comment

Inez 13th August 2013 - 8:06 pm

Hey Anna, its good to hear from you :). I’m planning on moving to a bigger place in the next few months too so I have a lot of packing and organizing to do which I’m dreading! Your new red do looks lovely, it really suits you. I hope the consultant gets back to you, make sure you complain, xoxo.


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