Lavender Field Summer Denim Look

A whole field filled with lavender, you would need the perfect outfit to wear, of course. So let me show you the lavender field summer denim look.

It has been on my list of places to visit for a while now, the Mayfair Lavender field. But it’s a little out of the way from where I am; I also was waiting for the perfect outfit to wear.

As well also waiting for the perfect time, as you only ever get a short window to actually visit as the farm is only ever in seasons for 2 months a year. What with it being in England, I was waiting for the right weather.

Well, last week, I finally had the right weather (even if it was in the middle of a heatwave), was able to take the time to visit within the farm short time frame and more importantly, I finally had the perfect outfit.

Let talk about this denim dress from New Look. First the bad news, it has now sold out, but I will link similar dresses at the bottom. Secondly, the good news, where this dress turns into a maxi rather a midi. This is good news for me or for anyone who is short, as buying a maxi dress is usually a no-go area, which kind of sucks.

Being a little on the short side, a maxi dress would essentially drown me and just wouldn’t work on my short frame. I have tried in the past and the dress would just fell off me and dragged on the floor.

It the same with jumpsuit, I have been on a quest to find a jumpsuit to suit my short frame. But so far, no such luck. Seriously If you find a jumpsuit for short people – please do let me know.

But anyway, I’m really here to talk about my lavender field summer denim look. As I was saying, yes this denim dress fit me like a maxi and it also the perfect outfit to wear on a hot summer day.

Another thing I should mention is, this denim dress doesn’t look so flattering for someone who has big boobs. Seriously, putting it delicately – I was popping out. Something I really should have to consider when buying the dress, I would have needed to caters to my big ladies.

I accessorize my lavender field summer denim look with this gorgeous felt floppy hat. Now hat. Let talk about that for a second. I have never been a hat person but when French hat brand, Bon Clic Bon Genre got in contact and asked me to designs my own perfect hat, I wasn’t going to turn it down.

As the weather has been on the hot side. Who am I kidding? it has been hotter than hell.  I have been worried about my scalp and hair burning. Sound silly but last summer I did actually burn my scalp and hair through the power of the sun. It was really painful and it my own stupidity for not protecting the top of my head.

This was why I finally decided to wear a hat. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I’m going to make myself a hat person.

And I’m really glad I did design this hat, not just because it protected my head from the sun. But also it works well with my denim dress. Though I do see it working well with many of my outfits in my wardrobe. So overall this is an all-rounder hat.

One last thing I like to say and this might sound really silly. But I’m so pleased how brave I was by going into a lavender field. A lavender field filled with bees and wasps. That not an easy thing for me, as I have crippling spheksophobia (it essentially a phobia of bees and wasps). Trust me, it isn’t a laughing matter.

I had to have Richard lead me by the hand and to keep repeating myself, bees are friends – not our enemy. It was not easy for me to take these photos and I didn’t hang around.

But I did and I suck it up, and I’m able to show you my lavender field summer denim look.

Anyway, I have rambled enough on, short frame, hat and bees. Here are the photos of my lavender field summer denim look.

lavender field summer denim look

lavender field summer denim look

lavender field summer denim look

lavender field summer denim look

lavender field summer denim look


lavender field summer denim look

lavender field summer denim look

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