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The Kitchen Essential | Breadmaker

by Anna Nuttall

I have a friend daughter who recently brought her first home. I’ve been there, so I know what it like. Without a doubt setting up home is not only the most stressful – but the most exciting time ever. However, I know from experience that there is one room that is bound to cause quite a bit argument and that is the kitchen.

There so many gadget and gizmo to buy. For example, you have to buy a microwave, a toaster and if you are like me and love having fresh bread in the morning; let not forget having your own breadmakers by Panasonic.

Fortunately, this girl is like me and also adore fresh bread in the morning. She told me that she cannot wait to have her own Panasonic breadmaker. She told me it high on her list for when she does her kitchen shopping in Lakeland.

I would be very envious of her, I would love to have my own Panasonic breadmaker.

When I was growing up my mum always used to bake fresh bread in the morning. I use to love waking up the morning and having the aroma of fresh bread baking. It used to be so much fun kneading the dough and watching it grow in the machine. It was always an activity we would do together.

My mum would always bake fresh banana bread or cinnamon and raisin bread. I use to look forward having my packed lunch at school, cause I knew my mum has packed in some sandwiches using fresh bread she would had baked first thing in the morning. That what I love about breadmaker, you can make a wide variety of any bread you want.

I do remember reading somewhere that having fresh bread is a little healthier for you than buying bread from a supermarket. The package bread you see in your supermarket shelves is so filled of nasty chemical that it doesn’t any good for you long term. It also not good for you if gluten ingredients affect you, that why a lot of health expert recommend baking your own and using gluten-free ingredients.

So if this girl does buy a Panasonic breadmaker then I will be sure to borrow it off her.


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