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Kenwood House

by Anna Nuttall

If you want some time away for the bustle of London and fancy visiting a quaint English country house and laying in the sun on the grass. Then let me recommend you Kenwood House.

So this heatwave, how are you all coping? Me, I’m doing what I do best – hiding. Ok well no completely hiding away, where I’m doing what I normally do best; shutting the curtains on the sun. I am trying to enjoy myself with this heatwave. I’m trying not moan about summer and being a complete Grinch about it.

And part of me trying to enjoy summer is me actually trying to go to places. Being at home during the hot weather is fun. But going somewhere different is even more fun. Even if it not that far and it just means that all you’re doing is having a change of scenery.

Which bring me to my point today. Last week, in an effort to have a change of scenery and to enjoy the sun. We took ourselves to Kenwood House which is in Hampstead Heath.

Now I mentioned in the past that I’m a member of English Heritage and with this membership, I get free access to various country homes, castles and gardens. It offers an opportunity to have a day out and to explore various new places.

Anyway, so yes we went to Kenwood House.  Not the biggest of country homes, but it does offer a nice field where you can just lay about on the grass and not worry about anything. Also, a really nice café where you can have cake. A cake is always good.

The house itself feels very Downton Abbey and you could almost pretend you’re a countess or a lady of the house. What I like best about the house was two things: the gorgeous pink and blue library and a full-size harp.

Kenwood house isn’t really a day trip, but it enough if you want an afternoon away from the bustle of central London. Plus, we just enjoyed ourselves laying on the grass in the shade and just having a rambling conversation about sci-fi (don’t ask, but I did tell you that my husband is a geek!).

Kenwood House

Kenwood House

Kenwood House

Kenwood House

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Briony 28th June 2018 - 9:00 pm

We nearly went to Kenwood House at the weekend as we were in London and have English Heritage Membership, sad we didn’t now, it looks lovely! We ended up watching Deadpool 2 which was a very different option!! #stayclassymama

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... 3rd July 2018 - 8:31 pm

We have EH membership but I hadn’t spotted Kenwood House in the guide! It looks brilliant and relaxing. Thanks for linking up to #stayclassymama


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