Kauai Hawaii

If you are looking for the perfect summer vacation with the family this year, then may I suggest Kauai Hawaii. Here is why Kauai Hawaii is the ideal summer vacation destination this year.

When planning a summer vacation, there are many factors to consider when making a decision on where to spend it. But ideally the only things that matter is: perfect weather and some where you can relax and unwind.

This is why Kauai in Hawaii is such a popular choice for any travelers, as it is a paradise island where you can indeed relax and unwinds, while also enjoying beautiful perfect weather. It a place where you won’t be surrounded by manmade structures. A place where you can walk along on the island beaches and not be disturb by anything other than nature.

It a place for anyone who is looking adventures, or for anyone who just want Kauai beach villas for a romantic summer vacation with their love one, where they can strolled along  the beach or be sipping on cocktails while watching a golden sunset.

Kauai Hawaii isn’t all about owning a slice of paradise, there is lots of things to see and do. Let take a closer look at why Kauai Hawaii is the ideal summer vacation destination this year.

Ideal for Adventures:

Not only is Kauai Hawaii a place of great natural beauty, but it also a place for adventures that you will cherish for a lifetime. If you and the family are after adventures, then you’re in the right place. As there are lots of adventures choices to make; especially if you’re exploring on your own or going with a tour group.

At Kauai Hawaii, you can go snorkeling around the Na Pali Coast, or perhaps take a helicopter ride around the island, go on a horseback tour, explore Wailiua falls and Waimea Canyons.

Whether you are a thrill seeker and live for danger, or like your feet close on the ground, there is an adventure for everyone. No one on Kauai Hawaii get left out.

Ideal for Families:

The island is a perfect destination for families, especially if you’re looking for a simple summer beach vacation where everyone can still have fun – but also where you can relax and chill out. There is plenty of hotels and beach villas to choose from, to suit all needs.

It important to note that Hawaiian culture is based around families and has a lot of a families’ friendly activities and places for everyone to enjoy. You should also note that almost all hotels have a play activates center to keep the kids occupied, while mums treat herself to a relaxing spa treatment.

Ideal for Couples:

If you are looking for a romantic summer vacation for you and your love one, then Kauai Hawaii is the perfect destination.  It doesn’t matter if you are on your Honeymoon or on an anniversary break, there is romance at every turn.

Take a hand in hand strolls at the island botanical gardens, or savor intimate dinner at a romantic restaurant. Or perhaps you would like to sipped on cocktails while watching one Kauai Hawaii many golden sunsets.

It no surprise really why Hawaii is always voted as the top romantic island in the world. It invites you to appreciate time with your love one.

Ideal for Wildlife Lover:

Kauai Hawaii is very much about being connected to nature. The wildlife is indeed wild and allowed to roam freely on the island.

If you are into bird watching, or snorkeling among nature coral reef, or even getting up close and person with the island wildlife’s, you can as there is something for everyone.

Go on the many wildlife tour that is available, where you are guided into a 70 billion years of evolution and how the wildlife on the island came about.

All Hawaiian would ask, if you be respectful to the island native wildlife and to enjoy it how nature intended it to be – free.

Ideal for anyone looking for Paradise:

Kauai Hawaii isn’t a busy metropolitan island filled with pollution and manmade structures. It a paradise island where nature can flourish.

It about walking on the many golden blissful beaches where often you won’t see another soul for miles and miles. It also about observing the wildlife and the nature, without disturbing it.

Any visit to Kauai Hawaii is about how precious the earth is and how we must protect everything that is given to us.

Hawaiian are proud of their island paradise and how it has stay free from turning into a metropolitan city, so the only thing they would ask is not to pollute the island and to be peaceful and Intune with nature paradise.

Those where why Kauai Hawaii is the ideal summer vacation destination this year. There are many more reason on why to visit Kauai Hawaii, and if you are still not convinced, then hear it from these fellow travelers as they share their own experiences on visiting not only the Kauai island, but also the main Hawaii island.

Ashley of The Spenderella

Kauai is full of nice secluded resorts. Great for honeymoons. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suits. Take a boat around Pali side of island which is very remote with no houses. I wanted to do this but being pregnant none of the boat excursions would allow me on due to insurance. Of course the helicopter rides over Jurassic Park waterfall, the Grand Canyon, Kauai Coffee Plantation, Kauai Rum Tasting are all just dos!!

Kauai is the country island. Very pretty, lots of outdoor stuff to explore by land and boat. When I went to Kauai it was our babymoon. I was limited to what excursions I could do but we loved going to the “Grand Canyon”. We hiked a bit on our own. We also did the Jurassic park waterfall helicopter ride which was amazing to see the entire island from helicopter. It was beautiful. Kauai is very green, lots of beautiful flowers and so many waterfalls. We also really enjoyed going to the Kauai Coffee plantation to walk around and do a coffee sampling. We also enjoyed the Kauai Rum tasting (of course I didn’t participate in the tasting) but I enjoyed the gift shop. Also there is a restaurant to eat brunch there. And they have concerts there so the day we went we saw one of the Marley’s (I think Damien Marley) was there. So we bought tickets and came back. Do to the aroma at the venue we stood all the way in the back and it was an awesome concert.


The islands are quiet small but so much to do, everything is activities based like surfing, diving and hiking plus they love camping and horse riding, so never a dull time, it is all based around nature and that is a big thing.

Hawaiian culture/locals like to preserve their way of life and the natural environment is a big part of their culture, so there is a lot place that are protected like nature reserves but also has a direct impact housing/buildings are not allowed over a certain level, some of the laws are strict, they recycle more, they seem more like the Norwegians in their way of looking after the earth/land it gives it a totally different feel to the main land.


(Written for Luxury Retreats)