If I can get big cheers please, as July was an amazing month. Here is my July 2017 blog traffic report and how I achieved my 25,000 page views.

July 2017 blog traffic report

Seriously, you guys! I cannot believe I hit 25k! wow *jaw drop*. I remember thinking to myself at the start of the year that hitting 25k would be an amazing dream. But now, that dream is a reality and it looks like things are only going to get better.

My top 5 most popular posts from July:

As always I decided not to base my popular posts on page views, but on how much engagement each post received. I found that throughout July more people were more engaged with my post and that really does make me happy. So if you are one of the new people here, well hello there. My advice would be to pull up a chair, brew a cup of tea and get comfy, as folks I’m only getting started.

How did people find my Blog?

My top 3 results came largely from Stumbleupon, Twitter and Pinterest:

Stumbleupon (SU):

This is just a steady source of traffic for me and it doesn’t look like it slowing down anytime soon. It most defiantly helps on keeping my traffic up.

I still have many of you asking me questions on SU. And a lot of these questions are about the lack of traffic from SU and being ghost banned. Well here is my response and how you can you can work to resolve this problem:

It seems like your site has been ‘ghost banned’. This is when SU put a block on your account. It might have felt that you were spamming your account – which I’m sure you weren’t! But perhaps their anti-spam tool picked up something.

My advice is – be active and leave SU alone for your site for the time being. Meaning don’t try to build traffic from it. When I say be active on SU, try to build followers and just browse the platform. What I love about SU is that it helps me discover really cool sites that I would otherwise never have found. So just pick an interest and just browse.

I myself, for example, love browsing on all the paranormal stuff so I tend to spend hours looking at everything. When you find something cool – give it a thumb up and add it to your like. I also find that if you enjoyed one such cool site and it has social media buttons then share it on your platform. I find SU reward you if you share people sites onto social media. I also find it rewards you if you comment on a blog post – but don’t leave a spammy comment.

Also, browse other people following – what are they stumbling? Take a look and that can hopefully help you build up a following.

Once you done that for a while, slowly start adding your site, give it a test run and see how it goes. Slowly start adding other people sites to your SU. If you join in with lots of Facebook SU threads – try to just join in with one and see how that goes.

It might take a while for SU to take off your block but it not permanent and there is a way to unblock yourself.

If you haven’t read my SU post, then read it today.


I have a feeling that this is now a steady stream of traffic, not that I’m complaining. What I think helps is that I encourage my readers more to share my blog post on Twitter and it turns that brought in more readers and new traffic.

I found people were retweeting my blog links tweets, my mentions were filled with people tweeting both my old and new blog posts. This was amazing and I didn’t expect such lovely attention.  One thing I did do was post more on twitter and use the appropriate hashtags.  It well worth turning your attention to Twitter.

I have written a blog post on how to get traffic via Twitter.


Now, this makes a welcomed return as after months of my Pinterest traffic declining – it suddenly went up again. I’m always hearing from other bloggers that Pinterest was a good traffic source – so It been my aimed to bring it back up. And it worked.  This month I added all my blog pictures to appropriate boards and to Pinterest groups. I re-pinned various other images. Joined in with Pinterest Facebook groups and just re-pinned images that I liked. As well as that I always added more ‘pinnable’ images at the end of my posts.

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to increase traffic to Pinterest: My 5 Best Pinterest Advice

What didn’t work in July:

You know what, I can’t think of anything as throughout July everything seems to be working. I have no complaint about anything as It was all good!


Before I go, I just want to say that I met this lovely lady last recently. Laurette – or Lc as I call her has the blog Home & Horizon – go check it out.

July 2017 blog traffic report

And that was my July 2017 blog traffic report. It was a bloody brilliant month and a big thank you so much for supporting me. It means the universe to me that my blog is doing so well and I couldn’t have done it with you – Thank you so much, everyone.

July 2017 blog traffic report