Jewellery Advent Calendars

If you were following me on Instagram, then you would know I was opening up two Jewellery Advent Calendars. I was opening up Monsoon and H&M Jewellery Advent Calendars.

For the past few years, I have been opening up beauty Advent Calendar on my Instagram; however, this year, I decided to do things a little different – I would open up Jewellery instead.

I would do a quick review of the two Calendars and give my overall impression on them. I will be featuring more of the actual Jewelry in the new year; But for now, let talk about the Jewellery Advent Calendars.

Monsoon Advent Calendar

Where to start? Well, the packaging of the Advent Calendar is really pretty, and I can tell that Monsoon put in a lot of thought behind the actual design of it. But once you get into trying to open each door – that when things get a little tricky. Each door doesn’t open so the only way to see what behind each door is by ripping apart the surrounding area. By the end of it, I was tearing apart the entire Advent Calendar.

The Pieces of Jewellery themselves are little novelty with a Christmas theme; they are great if you got kids who like to wear that kind of stuff. This isn’t really an adult Jewellery Advent Calendar and felt this was designed more for kids.

I wouldn’t get another Monsoon Advent Calendar as the items themselves didn’t really appeal to me.

H&M Advent Calendar

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that H&M has a Jewellery Advent Calendar as H&M jewellery tend to be really good. The Advent Calendar doesn’t have a festive design on it – but I felt this was a little more organized and thought out than the Monsoon Advent Calendar. For example, there was a small flap beside each door which helps you open the door, and I thought this was handy as I didn’t have to rip the whole thing.

The Jewellery also felt like they had a Christmas theme – but it didn’t feel childish or novelty. I felt the pieces of Jewellery was something I would wear all year round and would happily accessorize with them. My only complaint is there were lots of earrings, and I don’t tend to wear earring a lot of the time.


I brought them hoping to add a little sparkle this Christmas, and they didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t rebuy these specific Jewellery Advent Calendars. To see what behind every door then head over to my Instagram to get a closer look at every jewellery items.

Jewellery Advent Calendars
Jewellery Advent Calendars
Jewellery Advent Calendars