Introducing My Travel Patreon and Building my Tribe

When I went to last year WTM (World Travel Market), I went to a roundtable discussion on Patreon, and it completely changed my perception of what I thought I knew about Patreon.

WTM is a huge travel industry conference in London and it amazing if you want to learn about travel. They also do an amazing Influencer program and discussion, which is something I always go to.

Anyway, this roundtable discussion was about Patreon and how it can be beneficial in building your niche or as I like to call it – your tribe.

I never really thought about it like that before, as far I knew Patreon was for Youtuber/Instagram influencer to get extra income or help fund their cause. I never thought of Patreon as a community-based platform.

But it makes perfect sense, if Instagram can be a platform for photographers – or for people who like selfie – then why can’t Patreon be somewhere to build your tribe.

Before that roundtable discussion, I never thought of using Patreon, but now it a whole new world for me.

So yes folks, I have joined Patreon, and I’m using it to build a community of my tribe.

It has taken me a while to step over to Patreon. Partly due to nerve as it a whole new platform and I was scared to use it, but also I wasn’t sure in what direction I wanted to take it.

Then Inspirations hit one day.

What if I use Patreon to build up a tribe/community of traveller who likes me, like photography and have wanderlust running through their vein?


I aimed to use my travel Patreon as a place to find people who want to travel and experience all the wonder that the world has to offer.

I have this dream where I would love to create a photography book of all my travels, and I can get it published and then share it with people. I also have this extra dream where I would compose other people photographs and tales and put it into a published book.

I also would love to create a community where a group of fellow travellers can all travel together, and I can create fun travel packages, and so on. But of course, that is a long way off but it what I aimed in the future.

So how is my travel Patreon going to work?

Well if you are familiar with Patreon you know there are three tiers which have different payment options.

Tier 1: For a little as $2 (£1.50) you get –

Private Weekly Patreon blog post. *

Tier 2: is a little more $8 (£6.12) but more options –

  • As well as the private weekly Pateron blog post*.
  • Private Instagram stories
  • Also included is a monthly handwritten postcard – hopefully, you will be able to read my handwriting.

Now finally Tier3: The VIP options which $12 (£9.18)

  • A monthly (or weekly) Q&A sessions where we all join in, and we can discuss all things travel.
  • As well as the monthly handwritten postcard from me, I will also include a full-page letter.
  • Access to exclusive blog posts and videos.
  • A PDF document on how to save money travels.


That the plan so far, it might very well change, so do keep a lookout on my page. I’m also open to any suggestions and ideas you might have. Especially concerning the tiers.

*Now the private weekly blog post I will be writing. I mainly don’t want another blog, so I’m aiming for an open forum discussion place. A place where we can all join in.

I’m under no illusion that this wouldn’t be an overnight success, but I’m putting it out there, and I’m giving it a go. But for a little as $2 (£1.50), you can meet someone who has the same wanderlust as you. This could be a place where you could meet your tribe and find a whole new world open up for you.

Any questions or suggestion, then please feel free to comments.

Come and join me on my travel Patreon.

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Introducing My Travel Patreon and Building my Tribe

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