I must admit that I did get bored with balcony/mirror outfit pictures and wanted a more nature/organic photos backdrop. Well now summer is right around the corner, and the sun is indeed shining, and with news that lockdown resections are now easing, I now thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out into the wood and show you this floral Zara dress.⠀
I brought this dress at the very beginning of this year and was keen to show you guys this as I think it a lovely summer dress to wear, plus, I also thought it would go nicely with my red hat.⠀
For someone who has been cooped up, I must admit that it was nice to go into my local woodland and to walk around for an afternoon. I think it was also lovely for Richard, my husband, to pick up his camera again and to take some photos. The whole pandemic has put a pause on his professional photographer profession, and he hasn’t needed to use his camera much.⠀
It was lovely to put on a dress and to make myself look a little presentable. It got me out of my loungewear for an afternoon. The experience made me feel a little more like myself, and it put me in a good mood. As much as I like comfy loungewear, I’m still someone who wants to dress up.⠀
I’m hoping I can go out more this summer, of course still observing the social distancing rule, and doing more outdoor outfit photos. I’m also hoping this summer to wear more of my summer outfit and to feel more like myself.⠀
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I must admit that I...

Usually, when I do an outfit post or picture, I like to dress up and show you some pretty dress. But this time I thought I would show you a few of my casual wear and what I wear on a day to day basis. I must admit, as much as I love to dress up, I wouldn't exactly go to Tesco in them. So on a day to day basis, I'm usually in jeans and a top. ⠀
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Usually, when I do an...

If I were to describe my style, it would be summed up in two words: quirky and fun. I'm sure you realise by now I don't like boring black fashion – I do fun, bright, colourful style. Case in point is this Collectif watermelon dress. You can't get more quirky and fun fashion than this, can you?⠀
I like my clothes to reflect a lot of my personality, eternally youthful while also quirky and fun. Yup, that pretty much summed up me. The saying, you are who you are by the clothes you wear, really does hold up with me.⠀
I'm still that little girl who had a dressing up box as a child and would play dress-up; now I just have a wardrobe filled with more clothes than I could ever need as my dressing up box. I still like to have fun with my clothes, and I haven't lost that childhood wonder about clothes. And I don't think I ever will.⠀
Overall, what I'm saying is that this Collectif watermelon dress reflects who I am as a person and also my style. I also believe it represents how fashion shouldn't be all serious; it should be fun and should put a smile on a person's face.⠀
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If I were to describe...

* Stare at the computer screen completely blank, not sure what write*. Pretty summed up my week really - a blank space. Yup got writer block. ⠀
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* Stare at the computer...

A girl who just love polka dots! Also, you can see the *bad* dyed job I did when I thought it would be rock and roll to go blue. Haha ⠀
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A girl who just love...

When I see a floral dress it like a moth to a flame. ⠀
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When I see a floral...

5 Reasons Why You Need to Use the Interrail Pass to Travel Round Europe

There is nothing quite like an open country and an unlimited pass, where you are free to travel wherever you want to. Here are 5 reasons why you need to use the interrail pass to travel around Europe.

Now I have mentioned this a few time already, but for the sake of any new readers, I will tell you again. A few years ago we (Richard and I) travelled around Europe where we stopped off at Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Amsterdam. It was just us, our backpacks and our interrail pass. We had the freedom to go wherever you wanted. And I must say there is nothing quite like an open road (ok well open rail tracks) and the complete freedom to go wherever you desire.

It was an amazing experience, so of course we off doing it again next year. Yup, once again it just going to be backpacks, interrail pass and maybe this time we use a compass. However slight change of direction as we are doing northern Europe this time. And we are doing in the winter.

As you can imagine I’m so excited and I cannot wait. It going to be amazing! However, since my last trip, I had quite a few people thinking I was mad for travelling throughout Europe exclusively on the train. I also had people confused on what exactly is the interrail pass.

Let me just start off and say the train service in Europe is 100 times better than the UK (*cough* especially southern *cough*). We both found the trains to be superb. Richard get motion sickness very easily and being in somewhere that rocks side to side makes him ills, so the only transport that doesn’t turn him green is the trains. We had none of that problem using the trains throughout the last time in Europe. I will also get on more reasons why it better to use trains in a second.

Interrail for those who don’t know what it is, is basically free (well not exactly free, you do need to pay for it) ticket that let you travel where you want. It essentially a train ticket that let you use the rail service throughout Europe. You don’t need to keep paying for a ticket, the interrail pass is your ticket throughout that time. You can essentially hop onto a train and decide where you need to go without much forward planning. Well having said that, there are a few resections – but not enough to spoil your journey. I believe Spain, France and Italy does get you to book your train before boarding. But overall it no biggie and you still have the freedom to travel throughout Europe.

Anyway if this has wetted your appetite and now make you want to book an interrail pass. Then here 5 reasons why you need to use the Interrail pass to travel around Europe.

You get to see more of Europe then you would have done by plane or coach.

Even though we only stopped off in Amsterdam for 24 hours, we got to see most of the Netherland by train. We also got to see more of Germany, France and Switzerland this way. If we liked the look of a scenery, we stopped at the nearest train station and had a look round the area. I feel with a coach, you are often in a group of people and you have to go by their timetable, so you end up missing out. And all plane does it just get you A to B without letting you seeing anything.

It a relaxing way to see Europe.

Well, it is. Throughout our time using the rail, we never had to stand up as there were no seats available. We could sit down and take in the sight just by looking out. It gave us a chance to take photos and to rest our feet.

The freedom to explore the hidden part of Europe.

We took a train from Geneva Switzerland to a little-hidden village in the Swedish alp, Biggs. Surrounding us was nothing but mountains and lakes. We never saw this village on the map and it was, for us a new discovery that felt hidden away from the rest of Europe.

Day or Night Travels

The interrail pass does also let your travels by train during the day and at night. Yup, the interrail pass does cover the cost of using the night train. Amazing! But do be aware you do need to book, obviously. We took the night train from Germany Munich all the way to Amsterdam. Highly recommended in doing so.

It gets you away from all the tourist trap.

Often when we you go away somewhere, you are often in a group where you surrounded by people from your own country. And you don’t see any more of the countries then what is shown to you by a tour guide. That in itself is fine and I’m not judging it. But you are really not seeing that much of a country. Only a limited view. Interrail break away from all the tour guide narrow view and let you mingle with people from that country. I found when on a train in France, a woman sat next to me. I acknowledge her by saying Bonjour* and we sat there peacefully. Overall what I’m saying, interrail let you get over your Xenophobia (fear of foreign people) and break away from the holiday norm.

(*Bonjour, I must say is as far as my French can go.)

I hope this has been helpful to you. Just to clear something up quickly:

Interrail Are for EU Citizens.

Eurail: Are for none EU citizens – you can still book a pass but it will be known as an Eurail.

Judging by how political climate is going, I do hope the interrail pass is here to stay and doesn’t change. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on the interrail pass.

interrail pass



  • Diam
    November 6, 2017

    Never heard of the interrail pass, but I’m def gonna look further into it for my next trip to Europe!

  • Amy
    November 7, 2017

    I always wonder if buying an Interrail or Eurail pass is cheaper than buying individual tickets. I think it depends on the countries and the schedule. I recently went on an Eastern Europe rail trip and it was cheaper to buy individual tickets.

  • Salvador Diaz
    November 7, 2017

    I’ve known several people that took the interrail pass and all of them think it was a great way to travel through Europe. It’s not the fastest way but it’s cheap.

  • ruth cartwright
    November 11, 2017

    My brother used it and loved the flexibility it gave him #snappedup

  • Dovaine
    November 13, 2017

    Nice article! I should travel in Europe by train 🙂

  • Linda
    November 13, 2017

    I was traveling with the interrail pass some years ago! I love the feeling of freedom while traveling by train! So nice😍

  • Porcelain Doll
    November 13, 2017

    Wow, I never even thought of this! Great post, thanks! I’ll keep this in mind when I’ll plan my next travelling adventure. 🙂

  • Su Chanprasong
    November 24, 2017

    This sounds really great I’ve never heard of it before now. Su #snappedup

  • Love the look of the opportunities this provides. I’d love to explore Europe but am a bit nervous of being on the wrong side of the road when driving so this looks like a much better option for me! #snappedup

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use the Interrail Pass to Travel Round Europe

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