International Women’s Day
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Shout out to all the women in this world

by Anna Nuttall

It’s International Women’s Day, which gives me the perfect opportunity to shout out all to the women in this world and to give all the bitches a huge high five.

International Women’s Day is that one day in a year where all us female can be celebrated and to remind the world on who rules it.

In a society where more and more women are showing what they are capable off and breaking away from the traditional role of the past, shouldn’t that be celebrated and shouldn’t we look to the future and see that all women are equal members of society.

Now I’m not going down that rabbit hole of Equality and women’s role as I’m not the right person to talk about such a heavy subject.

But I remember even at a teenager, and it was the late 90s, I was aware of gender equality and feminism, the power that female has.

This was at a time when Spice Girls rule the world and their girl power slogan was everywhere. Using that girl power motto, I studied at school the historical aspect of the suffrage movement and the Equality March back in the 60s. That was the time when women stood up for their right.

Learning about the past, I believe enable me to find the inner ‘girl power’ I have as an adult. For example, I’m not afraid to say no when something doesn’t seem right, and I’m also not scared to give my opinions and to give my views. I believe in standing up for myself and to walk away with a situation is toxic.

I know this isn’t easy for everyone but looking to the past does let us look to the future and show what we capable of and it so much more than you think.

So, girls, pour yourself a drink and give yourself a toast as it that one day where you can celebrate yourself and to realize that inner power you always have inside yourself.

More photos are on my Instagram.

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