The summer heat has been in full force this week. I’m not here to complain about it – just to say that it has been insanely hot!

Well, ok maybe I am going to complain about it – just a little. Cause it has been freakin’ hot! And from reading on Twitter, Facebook and various blogs, it seems other people from across the globe has been suffering with the heat – so it not just us UK folks.

But yeah people – this summer heat. The summer sun came out in full force and my god what a powerful force it is.  I keep feeling like there no escaping this summer heat, it feels like an invisible smoke where it covered every nook and cranny, every corner and the air. The heated air filled up your lunges and making you feel you cannot breathe, almost (not quite don’t want to over dramatic!) suffocating.

I have to be honest here and say that I was completely unprepared for it. At the weekend it was my niece birthday and we all went to Chessington World of adventure, it’s a theme park just outside of London. A perfect place for kids. Before hand as we were making arrangements we were told it was going to be hot – but naively I thought, c’mon it can’t be that hot.

OH MY GOD! Was I wrong and was a complete fool – yeah feel free to call me the fool. Smack me on the head and tell me I’m an idiot. However, I did very cleverly put on my playsuit so my attire was perfect for the hot weather – but my skin wasn’t. I was burnt from head to toe and came very close to having sun poisoning…yeah that was fun.

I know you’re going to tell me, that will teach you and I was a complete fool. But until recently, well growing up – the sun never affected my skin. During a hot day when I was younger I never got burnt. Weird right? I always attributed it to me drinking so much water that the sun would just bounced off my skin.

Because of that I never really had to worry too much of sun cream. Well that all changed now, I’m older and my skin isn’t what It used to be folks, so yeah I will be need sun cream for now own.

What also I think made it worse, was that I was at the theme park all day long – near enough 8 hours outside in the sun. Ouch.

I’m ok, my shoulder is sore and I’m not the only one who got burnt – Richard got burnt as well.

So if there one thing you can take away from reading this, protect your skin at all cost!

Since the weekend I have been hibernating in an air condition Costa with a refreshing frappe. My brain has also seemed to have died in this heat, so if you have messaged, emailed me or gave me a high five – sorry I will get back to you when I can breathe and has cooled down.

Oh before I go, I must tell you one more unusual ways to cool down in this summer heat. This is a good tip I got from my mum -so mum if you are reading this – cheers.

Get a bowl and fill it up with ice, then simple put it in front of the fan. And if done correctly, the fan should be blowing around cool air.

Such a simple thing to do. It has been working a treat for me.

Anyway, how have you been coping in the summer heat?