Who am I? It a question we all ask. What kind of girl am I? What do I like? What don’t I like? Well I’m that girl who…

This idea came to me this week on the train when something hilarious happen. I was stuck in the middle of a train carriage trying to push people out of the way so I could get off (Side note here – in rush hours try to sit or stand next to the train door, don’t get a seat in the middle of a compact train carriage). As I was getting off a guy step on the back of my shoes and it came off. Like both shoes fell off, I didn’t have time (or room) to put it back on so I picked up my shoes, jumped of the train (which by the way which has stopped at the station) and run along the platform in socks while holding my shoes trying to get my second train.

Oh that must have been a sight to be seen! I’m sure other people were asking why is this girl holding her shoes and why is she running in her socks.

Anyway it got me thinking about the kind of girl I am and the funny situation I get myself into. As I’m now in my 30s I have a pretty clear idea on who I am and what kind of girl I am.

I mean I’m that girl who….

  1. Will eat chocolate for breakfast.
  2. Laugh at the most random time.
  3. Will be sitting quietly and then will burst out laughing for no reason.
  4. Will have a full blown giggle fits at the most awkward time.
  5. Can still kiss her toes (a trick my mother in law last week was most impressed I could do!).
  6. Still get confused with 24 hours clocks and will always put the wrong time on documents.
  7. Still read her favorite teenager books.
  8. Love getting her fortune told.
  9. Love visiting a day spa.
  10. Get restless legs and can’t watch a film all the way through.
  11. Still sit everywhere crossed legs.
  12. Sleep no more 4-6 hours a night.
  13. Still eat jelly babies and sweets.
  14. Is really messy, like the untidiest girl on the planet.
  15. Is forever undecided with her hair colour and will constantly change it.
  16. Will only drink water.
  17. Can only swim with an aid of a float.
  18. Is happy with her own company.
  19. Doesn’t follow a crowd of people around.
  20. Is happier to visit a museum then some party.
  21. Hate green vegetable.
  22. Love root vegetables.
  23. Studied fashion journalism at uni.
  24. Have the freedom to write whatever she wants.
  25. Still watch 80s-90s cartoons/kids show.
  26. love swing dresses.
  27. Listen to rock/metal music.
  28. Wear size 2 (UK) shoes.
  29. Will fall or trip over her own feet.
  30. Have bad balance and fall over at every chance.
  31. Still get confused with her left and right.
  32. Get completely lost even following a map.
  33. Is the crazy bunny lady.
  34. Love the colour purple.
  35. Hate the colour green with a passion.
  36. Is really shy at first but then I won’t shut up.
  37. Is always complaining how cold she is.
  38. Have a high credit card bill.
  39. Will celebrities gossip.
  40. Will take the cheese of her pizza.
  41. Is forever laughing at her husband dumb joke.
  42. Enjoy the company of my husband.
  43. Will rather work on her own rather than a team.
  44. Want to travel the world
  45. Want to visit Japan and the Maldives.
  46. Didn’t knew what to do with her life until she was in her 30s.
  47. Cannot cook pancake to save her life.
  48. Wil be there for a friend when he or she has a problem.
  49. Will help anyone out when there is a problem or issue.
  50. Would love a house with an indoor swimming pool.

That the kind of girl I am and I think I turned out alright. Ok sure I wish I was 2 dress size smaller and I wish I richer. But overall I’m alight. I will always be that girl who will lose her shoes and run along a train station in her socks.

Tell me in comments on what kind of girl (or guy) you are.