If I had the money I would buy… – Asos edition

I haven’t done a shopping page for ages and right now I’m feeling sorry with myself, all this week my dear ole hubby Richard been suffering with tonsillitis. So it only natural I get a version of it, oh yeah nothing like waking up feeling like dead and with a razor sharp sore throat, so yes feeling poorly and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. I have so far this morning been on my Ipad in bed browsing various online fashion retailers, well to be percise – just Asos really..

I can’t help but look through Asos and not be so envious of all the beautiful clothes I could buy and wear, you see in my head I like to imagine I’m completely thin and a rich millionaire but in reality I’m poor and slightly over-weight. Hey at least I’m honest! When I browse Asos I made a whole host of wishlists of clothes I could buy and wear, I would have a completely new summer wardrobe.

So here my short Asos shopping/wishlist post where I am pretending I’m thin and have serious money to burn.


ASOS 70’s Swing Dress with Flared Sleeves in Mixed Paisley £30.00

If I was thin enough to wear this, it would be my ultimate bohemian summer-time festival get up. What not to like about this, well apart from the huge backless back – which I’m never a fan off. I simple adore this miss-mass patchwork swing dress. All I need is sandals, sunglasses and festival to go too.

 3c649bd9974852d37bfdc8ee149495b8ASOS Watermelon Dress In Crochet £42.00

I don’t know what it is about this dress and or why I have pick it. I think as it styled like a watermelon bring to mind a beach summer holiday sipping on cocktails. It also could be due to the fact it crochet, a little something that my mother-in law does; perhaps I should give her the challenge of stitching a dress like this. It tropical and it fun what more can I say.

 a458c92fb3835df0718dfa6e890c2bafASOS Fringe Tank Dress in Floral Festival Print £28.00

Another summer bohemian festival get-up or something you would wear to a rock concert. Yeah If I would wear this I accessories it with  a leather jacket, knee high boots and a guitar.


Tiger Mist Petite Tie-Dye Maxi Dress £43.00

I’m a sucker for anything tie-dye ombrish, just ask my husband. I love this maxi dress, I love the colour and more specially the actual design of the dress. It off the shoulder, high neck and long enough to hide any nobble knee problem. A perfect summer dress for lazing around on a pool.

What do you think?

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If I had the money I would buy… – Asos edition

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