why i love rainy day

I’m bored with Summer and with this heat. Now you are all yelling at your screen telling me I’m mad! How dare I hate this glorious weather? I already had one woman mention to me that I need my head checked (how charming!). Surely no one could ever possibly be bored with summer? Well summer scrooge is here again and yes I am bored with summer. I’m bored with how this season is dragging on and on and on, how it’s just dry heatwave after heatwave. I’m fed up of sticky hot nights and days, and also of the stupid big flies that keep flying around my place – buzz off! I find myself longing for September and autumn weather, I find myself day-dream about crunchy leaves and long cooler (temperature wise) evenings and drinking hot chocolate.

More than anything, I find myself longing for a nice rainy day. I really do love raining days. And no I’m not pessimistic just because I love raining days, I’m not filled with dark gloomy clouds or negative thinking in my life.

I once went to a talk that Christopher Bailey, the head of Burberry, was giving and within the talk he mentions how British rain can be really romantic and so refreshing to the soul. I sort of feel that same sentiment, there is something wonderful with British rain and how once it rains, I (and maybe you as well) feel more refreshed within oneself. What I mean by that, the air is a lot clearer and have this wonderful smell to it. I find myself able to breathe a lot easily – my nose isn’t all blocked up and I don’t sneeze due to the pollen.  I love how clear the air is once it rains and I do love how it has that fresh feeling to it.

Why I Love Raining Days


I love a big thunder-storm with the heavy rain and thundering clouds, I love watching a cloud burst open after a big thunderclap and mad heavy rain commence. I love the sound it makes on my window and how when it drops it leaves big puddles on the grounds.

I even love walking in the rain, I have a big clear umbrella (very similar to the one the Queen uses) and it’s great fun to use. I love putting on my boots and – even at my age – stepping into puddles. I love watching people dive bomb into a shop once it start raining, naah, I’ll be out in it with my umbrella walking to my destination.  I only ever once in recent memory got soaked to the skin and that was my fault more than anything. But the great thing is you can get home, take off your wet clothes and jump into a warm shower and put on fresh clothes.

Raining days let me be bit of a cloud observer, I love watching dark clouds loom over me and seeing puffed up Cumulonimbus clouds stretched over the sky. I love watching to see what it would turn into and how it can be a fairly bright day one moment to a dark miserable (some would call gloomy) day the next.

My niece is a fan of raining days as she love running and jumping into a big puddle and soaking herself. It’s a fun activity for a child and she also like to look for slugs and worms after it rain as well.

But the best thing about raining day, more than anything else – is the chance to see a rainbow:

Why I love Raining Day

So yes folks, I love raining days and I have to ask who else love raining days. Surely I can’t be the only one as then I really would need my head checked.

Why I love Raining Day

A picture I capture after it has been raining and I thought that was really cool – a heart-shaped rain drop on a window.