While in Europe I caught a highly dangerous bug, it is infectious and highly dangerous. It’s also very contagious – so beware folks! I have caught the travel bug.

As I was saying in my Hello March post, we went travelling around Europe and it was amazing! Ok, it was so much more than amazing. I honestly cannot describe to you on how it felt. Cause there not a word I can describe it. The whole thing was incredible and just absolutely bloody brilliant. From getting the Eurostar at St Pancras to arriving in Brussel, then to catching the train to Amsterdam, from there, we went on to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and finally Norway.

Everything went smoothly and there were no hiccups, we had no issue and we could easily go places to places with so much ease.

With our interrail pass, we could happily hop on a train and could go to any destinations our heart desired. Europe was pretty much an open map and we could go anywhere we wanted. Wake up in Amsterdam and go to bed in Germany, or waking up in Copenhagen and then go onto to Gothenburg.

So at the end of it, I have found myself catching a highly dangerous and extremely infectious bug.  Its not something a doctor can prescribe as there no real cure for it. I should also give you a warning now, it also contagious, so you might want to take a step back as not to catch it.

I have caught the travel bug. My symptoms include itchy feet, butterflies in the stomach and not being able to blink.

While on our travel, it was when I caught the travel bug. The constant feeling of itchy feet, the fluttering of butterflies in the stomach and not wanting to blink in case you missed it.

Now I’m back home, this bug hasn’t let off. I still have the travel bug and I feel there is no real cure. Well not until I go travelling again.

We spent over 6 months preparing for our travels. From getting the interrail pass, to me buying a proper travelling backpack. To taking a chunk of our saving to afford to buy Euros. Just sitting down one evening and planning on where we wanted to go.

Behind the scene, there was a lot of works to prepare and just counting down to when we can finally go.

And once we went, everything just fell into place. We could hop on a train and go anywhere. And when we arrived, we could look on booking.com and easily book a hotel for the night. No problem.

We had fun trying out new restaurants, walking around and taking photos of places where we were spending the night. Going somewhere new.

And now I’m back home, everything now feels like a distant memory and I feel like I have abruptly fallen to the ground and just want to do all over again.

There was the buildup before going, the release once you on it and the come down once It all over. And once you come down, there’s a pit in your stomach where you just want to do all again and to keep travelling and to keep going.

It the feeling where you’re not ready to be home – it the feeling emptiness and the thought of returning to the mundane of dailies life fill you with dread.

The whole journey now feels like a memory and you can only relive it through photos and videos.

And if I’m honest, that kind of makes me sad. This travel bug has made me want to do all over again and again and to never to stop. I just want to keep going.

Now I know why people who have this travel bug never stop. It the feeling of wanting to keep going and to never ever stop.

This is me and I can safely say, this is how I’m feeling. The travel bug has truly bitten me and I’m not ready to let go or to seek a cure.

To any traveller, or anyone who caught the travel bug. How do you return to ‘normal life’? How do you go back to feeling how you felt before going? Does it get easier as times goes on?

That is my current situation at the moment. I have caught the travel bug and I’m not ready to let go of it quite yet.

I have caught the travel bug

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