Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas

As we only halfway through September and summer hasn’t ended that long ago. Let me show you the last of my summer wear: This Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas.

I feel summer for this year is ancient history and something I don’t have to think about for another year. While I’m so ready to jump into Autumn, I do have one last little summer ensemble to show you.

I have been gifted this Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas, and it came right at the heart of the endless summer heatwave. So naturally, my thinking was at the time, having onesie pyjamas were something that I could wear around the house and at nighttime, and it would keep me cool as all my other clothes kept making me look a horrible sweaty mess.

And truthfully, my thinking did pay off as it was just what I needed. Something that was light and cooling and didn’t make me look a horrible sweaty mess.

Well, it might have been my ‘heatwave’ pyjamas, in all honesty, I have been wearing it since then, and I’m still wearing them even now in Autumn.  As I can’t see any reason why I had to stop wearing something that I like – just because the season has changed.

Yes, I know Autumn is the season where you tend to cover up in your best sweater. From my perspective, I tend to say that Autumn is where you not only have to cover up and where you don’t tend to show much skin on display. I’m just saying that as I never been that comfortable showing too much skin on display. I tend to prefer wrapping up in several layers of clothes.

Why am I saying I really like this Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas when I tend to prefer to cover up? Well ok, this might make me sound like a hypocrite. But I feel more confident and comfortable wearing this as it in the privacy of my own home. If I have to go out wearing something that bares my skin – then I would feel really self-conscience.

But in the privacy of your own home, it a comfort that knowing no one is really going to watch you or even judge you. You can just be you – and wear something that is comfortable; even if it does show off a little bit of skin.

So yes, I have been wearing this pyjamas a lot and as it only just turned into Autumn and the season hasn’t suddenly changed drastically. So far throughout September, it has been ok temperature to wear it. Once the weather has turned, I can’t see myself keep wearing the Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas; It only then I would really need to cover up. For the moment, let me enjoy wearing this pyjamas.

Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas
Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas
Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas

(Hunkemoller gifted me this pyjamas. Thank you so much. xx )

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Hunkemoller Onesie Pyjamas

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