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How to utilise a blank space for your home

by Anna Nuttall



Last year Richard and I did some painting on our walls, where I was able to turn the bedroom into a purple dream. Even now 8-9 months later I still just love how I transformed the bedroom and all I did was add a little splash of paint. In the spirit of this we decided to paint the living room and instead of having two tones wall like we did for the bedroom, we would only paint it half way. So it ended up looking something like this.


We (well he) decided to add a wooden border around separating the middle. It then beg the question, what to do with the blank white space? We took care of half of it, but what about the other blank half? The blank wall is looking a little lonely and boring.

The solution is Wall stickers .

I’m a big fan of wall stickers and I just love how they can transform the room completely, giving it colours and life.


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How gorgeous are they? So how to utilise a blank space for your home with wall stickers?

These wall stickers are easier than stencil design or even painting an artistic design  straight onto the wall in the facts you don’t need to hire an artist to come round and draw a master piece. These only  take minutes to put on, they do not damage the wall and are completely removable. They are usually sold as multi pack packages, that contain various decals as part of the same theme. In this regard, you have some creative input as to how you’d like to arrange your decals.

There are so many options out there that ranges from sophisticated art designs, to video game inspired graphics. Many companies are coming up with irreverent wall furniture. So, you can’t afford that  head-board and all you have is an uninspired futon? You can now paste an elaborate theme inspired headboard tattoo onto your wall.

You can also utilise the kids room wall by using  the kid friendly options. The fact that your kids can change their design whims on a monthly basis may not be so much of a problem any longer. Instead of sucking it up, and painting your daughter’s room that unbearably garish pink, you can sit down with her, and order some decals that suit her tastes. And, if next year, she’s all about black well, then she can save up her pocket-money and buy some black wall stickers designs.
Really, wall stickers can satisfy a lot of whimsical design ideas that could otherwise turn out disastrous or at the very least expensive, time-consuming, and permanent. Here is your chance to play, and with very little risk. All that your really putting on the line, is the cost of the wall stickers. And even then, if you don’t like them in one room, simply try them somewhere else.

One last thing I would like to point out about wall stickers, they can easily be applied on painted surfaces they shouldn’t be used on wallpaper, tile or paneling. Before applying, surfaces should be clean, dry and smooth. Just set-up, plan your design and stick to your heart’s content.

Going back to the blank white wall, we can’t decide on which wall stickers to have. I’m all for having arty flowers designs and he want typical ‘men’ type stickers. So at the moment it staying blank till I can change his mind from having a football inspire sticker to a more homely design. Who want to see a football silhouette on their wall anyway?

This post was sponsored by Tenstickers who does amazing wall stickers.


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Priscilla Bettis 11th February 2018 - 1:43 pm

I like the idea of using stickers on a door the best. It advertises that the room which lies beyond is full of adventure and happiness, like a little kid’s room or a grownup’s retreat. Thanks for posting!


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