How to Stop Obsessing About Clothes

It was a search term that someone typed into Google recently and was directed to my site. So if you’re that person who asked, ‘how to stop obsessing about clothes;’ then this one is for you.

In all seriousness, that is an excellent question, as precisely, how do you stop yourself obsessing about clothes? – And also fashion to that matter.

If you know me then you will know that I’m a quintessential shopaholic, I’m someone who can give Rebecca Bloomwood a run for her money. If shopping were an Olympic sport – I would win gold. Yes, that’s is how mad I am when it comes to clothes shopping.

I have written before about my obsession with clothes and fashion. It started at a young age for me as I would wear my Sunday’s best to a supermarket. I would doll up just to go shopping with my mum.

I think it turns into a more significant emphasis when I turn 16 and left school. I went to a boarding school, and the girls would horribly tease me and bully me if I put on a dress. I would be forced to wear a tracksuit and blend into everyone else. So, once I left school and got a part-time job, I allowed my ‘fashion’ side to be free. I was finally allowed to be who I was – not how someone wanted me to be.

From then on, if I have any spare change from my wages, I would spend it all on clothes. I would make sure all my bills and rents were paid first – then splurged on clothes shopping.

I decided in my mid-20s to go to uni and study fashion – I ended up doing a fashion media diploma and then a fashion journalism degree, which was amazing.

Especially as I could spend my days studying catwalk shows, I was lucky enough to go to a few catwalks shows for London Fashion Week and understand the whole in-depth theories behind the clothes that we would wear.

As I got older, my wardrobe grew and grew, and now I have too many clothes. I soon have run out of room for my clothes. So I had to put myself on a spending ban which for a shopaholic like me – it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

But I’m sure you want to know, ‘how to stop obsessing about clothes?’

Examine who you are as a person.

Well, I think it essential to examine the kind of person you are – are you a strong, confident woman or someone who has low self-esteem and want people to accept you? What I’m saying is, by knowing who you are as a person can be the first step in breaking the chain of obsessing over clothes.

You can do this by merely, writing a little bullet point note to yourself. Before you look outward – you need to look inward to yourself.

There might be a deep psychological connection – or problem which has never been addressed. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Put yourself on a budget.

Easier said than done – I know. As I said earlier that once I paid bills and rents, I would splurge my money all on clothes. Once I got my property, I was forced to put myself on a budget.

Just set up a budget in your bank account. Every month perhaps put a little bit away into a separate account. That way, it also lets you save up – so you can buy more in the future.

Find Something to Occupy your mind.

If like me, you spend your day looking on fashion blogs, or you pick up a fashion magazine once in a while and perhaps have a nosy look at fashion shops online. Then maybe, change that mindset by occupying yourself with something else.

Perhaps pick up a hobby or spend your time at a class. Something that will stop your mind from wandering.

Talk to someone.

This relates to the advice of examining who you are as a person’, but the next step might be to seek professional help—someone who can understand your situation from an outside source – i.e., they not friends or family.

Put up a firewall on all online fashion retailers/website.

Another easier said than done – especially if like me you an online fashion nerd. But set up on the browser sites you wish to block for the time being. It doesn’t have to be permanent. Maybe say to yourself, right then for two weeks I will not go on a b or c. It might be enough to break the chain and examine your habit.

Those are only a few tips on how to stop obsessing over clothes. It a starting point, and I’m not an expert to examine the obsessing in depth. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to stop obsessing about clothes?

What do you think?

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