How to smell like a gingerbread house

How to smell like a gingerbread house

This Christmas I have been addicted to the smell of gingerbread, this is a little strange for me as I never before actually liked the smell. A lot of people always thought I was weird for not liking the smell of gingerbread, it just didn’t do to me in the same way a peppermint candy cane does or a vanilla flavored cupcake. However this year it has all changed for me as I’m now loving the smell, why the sudden change? Could be my age and my sense of smell has changed? Or the simple fact I can now make my own gingerbread men is what now making me loving the smell, who here doesn’t love the smell of fresh baking?

So this bring me to The Library Of Fragrance: Gingerbread. I found this on a dull boring rainy day in Boots, well it was dull and boring as I wasn’t exactly expecting to find a gingerbread perfume spray was I? I was just browsing and find myself round the perfumes aisle when I saw The Library Of Fragrance section, ”Ooooh” I said out loud (yes people did turn out and wondered what that girl is doing!) “this is exactly what I need to perk my boring shopping experience”. I have heard about them (The library of Fragrance) from various blog posts and articles, basically it a whole ranges of all different unique smells. There’s a smell/fragrance for everything, green grass, rain, gin & tonic (seriously) and baby powder – if you can think of it, you can bet that has been bottled.

After a few sniff from fragrance samples on the shelves, the gingerbread became a firm favorite. I will say for a small bottle it isn’t cheap – £15 but luckily I had some trusted Boots point to help me.

When you  first spray it on, the first thing that get me with the smell is that of marzipan brown sugar mixed in with gingerbread dough. Some people who got their first whiff of the gingerbread spray say it smell of baking and vanilla. It isn’t strong – and if I’m honest It doesn’t exactly linger either, but it a sweet subtle smell.

Reviewing a fragrance is complicated as you can’t exactly understand what the smell is unless you try it yourself and also smell is subjected to the individual, I think it time for someone to invent smelly-tv or something so you all get a whiff of this.

But if you have been baking gingerbread men or a house this year and love the smell and wish you can take around with you, well now you can.

How to smell like a gingerbread house?

Step 1: Pick up the gingerbread fragrance spray.

Step 2: Spray on skin in desire area.

Step 3: Spend all day smelling lovely.

Let me know if you are running off to Boots (or selected perfume/fragrance shop) and sampling this, what do you guys think of the smell?


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  • Rhian Westbury
    December 18, 2015

    I absolutely love the smell of gingerbread so thanks for bringing this to my attention. Boots here I come x

  • Emily_Jayne
    December 18, 2015

    Ooh, ginger is one of my favourite scents! I’ve looked at these fragrances in boots a few times, but looks like I need to go and have another sniff!

  • Joanne Mallon
    December 18, 2015

    oh that sounds lovely, and perfect for this time of year

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How to smell like a gingerbread house

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